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List of books by Evelyn Anthony

List of Books Evelyn Anthony with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Evelyn Anthony. Find my selection in date order of Evelyn Anthony books.

Evelyn Anthony List of Books to Read

Romanov Trilogy Books

Imperial Highness            (1953) 

Curse Not the King           (1954) 

Far Flies the Eagle            (1955) 

Davina Graham Books

The Defector aka Betrayal            (1980)           

The Avenue of the Dead aka The Plumed Serpent      (1981)           

Albatross                            (1982) 

The Company of Saints aka Mind Games          (1983)           

Standalone Novels

Anne Boleyn                      (1957) 

Victoria and Albert          (1958) 

All the Queen’s Men        (1960) 

Elizabeth                            (1960) 

Charles the King               (1961) 

Clandara                             (1963) 

The French Bride              (1964) 

The Heiress                        (1964) 

Valentina                            (1966) 

The Rendezvous aka No Resistance       (1967)           

Anne of Austria                 (1968) 

The Legacy                         (1969) 

The Legend                        (1969) 

The Assassin                      (1970) 

The Poellenberg Inheritance aka A Dubious Legacy   (1970)           

The Tamarind Seed          (1971) 

The Occupying Power aka Stranger at the Gates / Sleeping with the Enemy                                             (1973) 

The Rebel Princess           (1974) 

The Malaspiga Exit aka Mission to Malaspiga  (1974)           

The Persian Ransom aka The Persian Price       (1975)           

The Silver Falcon              (1977) 

The Return                         (1978) 

The Grave of Truth aka The Janus Imperative / Codeword Janus    (1979)           

Voices on the Wind         (1985) 

No Enemy But Time aka A Place to Hide           (1987)           

The House of Vandekar  (1988) 

The Scarlet Thread           (1989) 

The Relic                             (1991) 

The Doll’s House               (1992) 

Exposure                            (1993) 

Bloodstones                      (1994)

List of books by Evelyn Anthony

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Evelyn Anthony.

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