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List of books by Eugenia Price

List of Books Eugenia Price with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Eugenia Price. Find my selection in date order of Eugenia Price books.

Eugenia Price List of Books to Read

St. Simons Trilogy Books

The Beloved Invader          (1965)           

New Moon Rising   (1969)           

Lighthouse    (1971)           

St. Simons Trilogy Books

Lighthouse    (1971)           

New Moon Rising   (1969)           

The Beloved Invader          (1965)           

Florida Trilogy Books


Maria (1977)           

Don Juan McQueen            (1974)           

Margaret’s Story     (1980)           

Florida Trilogy Books

Don Juan McQueen            (1974)           

Maria (1977)           

Margaret’s Story     (1980)           

Savannah Quartet Books

Savannah      (1983)           

To See Your Face Again     (1985)           

Before the Darkness Falls (1987)           

Stranger in Savannah         (1989)           

Georgia Trilogy Books

Bright Captivity       (1991)           

Where Shadows Go           (1993)           

Beauty from Ashes (1995)           

Standalone Novels

The Waiting Time    (1997)           

Non-Fiction Books

Discoveries: Made from Living My New Life     (1953)           

Share My Pleasant Stones: Meditations for Every Day of the Year (1957)           

Woman to Woman (1960)           

Beloved World: The Story of God and People, As Told from the Bible       (1961)           

Strictly Personal: The Adventure of Discovering What God is Really Like (1961)           

A Woman’s Choice: Living Through Your Problems    (1962)           

Find Out for Yourself: Young People Can Discover Their Own Answers     (1963)           

God Speaks to Women Today     (1964)           

What is God Like?   (1965)           

The Wider Place: Where God Offers Freedom from Anything That Limits Our Growth          (1966)           

Make Love Your Aim          (1968)           

Just As I Am  (1970)           

Learning to Live from the Acts     (1970)           

The Unique World of Women: In Bible Times and Now        (1970)           

Learning to Live from the Acts     (1970)           

St. Simons Memoir (1978)           

Discoveries   (1979)           

No Pat Answers: Looking Squarely at Life’s Most Difficult Questions        (1980)           

Diary of a Novel: The Story of Writing Margaret’s Story       (1980)           

At Home on St. Simons      (1981)           

Leave Yourself Alone: Set Yourself Free from the Paralysis of Analysis      (1982)           

The Burden is Light (1982)           

Getting Through the Night           (1982)           

What Really Matters: What is Truly Essential to the Authentic Christian Life            (1983)           

Another Day (1984)           

Early Will I Speak Thee       (1985)           

Learning to Live       (1986)           

Inside One Author’s Heart: A Deeply Personal Sharing with My Readers  (1992)                       

List of books by Eugenia Price

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Eugenia Price.

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