EU Migrant Crisis – The Brexit Rationale

A Quick Look At The EU Migrant Crisis

EU migrant crisis – Europe has always been a population migrant destination from immigrants from Africa and Asia who are trying to flee poor conditions in their homeland. It is just of recent that the migrant population from the Middle East has suddenly increased all thanks to wars in Syria and Afghanistan. For the first time since World War II, the continent has been left to battle immigrants coming in from all the four corners. The difficulty in managing the crisis has been partly due to the many dangerous routes that those in search of greener pastures are prepared to take. The present crisis arose when more than one million migrants came into the continent in 2015.

EU Migrant Crisis – No End No Real Beginning

While the Syrian conflict has so far been the main drive for immigrants coming to Europe, Syria is definitely not the only country with its citizens seeking asylum. According to  citing Eurostrat, other countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Albania, Eritrea, and Nigeria are also top on the list. For countries like Eritrea and Kosovo the main drive for immigrants is poor treatment by local governments and poverty in general.

Of the many immigrants who come into Europe, many will not seek for asylum. They are happy leaving clandestinely. Meanwhile those who have been able to seek for asylum are still in the hundreds of thousands and presently most of these have been done in Germany. Hungary follows closely behind Germany in terms of the number of applications for asylum. According to Eurostat, 1,321,000 applications for asylum where made in 2015.

EU Migrant Crisis – Compassion Is Running Thin

According to the International Organisation for Migration, IOM, most migrants that came into Europe in 2015 came by sea and a lot less came by land compared to 2014 statistics. IOM estimates that over one million migrants crossed into Europe in 2015. However, the Boarder force for the EU, FRONTEX, which is charged with monitoring different migrants’ routes, reported that at least 1,800,000 people crossed the European border. Obviously there are many other migrants who have not bothered to seek for asylum.

Presently most of the applications have been made in Germany but with respect to applications in proportion to population of the host country, Hungary had the highest. Hungary is closely followed by Sweden.  In terms of the number of asylums that are granted, this number is significantly lower than the number of applications. For example, in 2015, Eurostat reported that only 292,450 applicants got granted refugee status as opposed to the more than one million applications that came in that year. It is important to note that this figure for granted asylums also include applications from people who had already been living in Europe even before the migrant crisis escalated.

EU Migrant Crisis – Numbers May Prove To Have Destabilizing Effect

Due to the migrant crisis, a lot of tension has been brewing among EU member crisis.  This is mainly due to the way the burden from the migrants is distributed with smaller countries like Hungary feeling the weight. That is why in September last year the EU Ministers voted to have more than 150000 refugees relocated. Although the UK has not accepted the present quota plans that are being dished out by the EU, there are reports that some 1000 Syrian migrants have been resettled under the vulnerable person’s relocation scheme

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