EU Laws And Regulations – Vote Brexit

Trade Arguments For Why The UK Should Exit The EU

EU Laws And Regulations – Why The UK Should Leave

EU laws and regulations – There are many arguments that have been put forth either for or against a brexit. Most of these have centered on immigration, economic and trade affairs. It is absolutely true that a brexit does not immediately guarantee a brighter future for the UK. However, proponents of the leave campaign say that it will be a win for democracy and sovereignty. Meanwhile it is even if there may not be any huge gains when the UK leaves the EU, it is still important to understand how the country will benefit from leaving the UK.

For the past decades, the UK has been stuck with doing trade with the EU based on EU laws and regulations. Unfortunately, the European market is one that has noticed little growth over the years. As such the UK has seen its exports to the EU dwindle over the years and further reductions are expected. While the EU has been struggling with its market growth, countries like the US, China and the BRICS have been thriving. If the UK was out of the EU, it could broker its own trade deals with other countries. There are many advantages to the UK being able to arrange its own trade deals. In an open letter to the Prime Minister, eight commonwealth leaders voiced this concern. Read more about the commonwealth leaders’ open letter on the following link

EU Laws And Regulations - Vote Brexit
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EU Laws and Regulations – Will The EU Delay

There are usually delay by the EU on matters that the UK would not hesitate to foster if it were left to act alone. For example, talks with Australia on an EU Australia trade have been dragged simply because there is an ongoing conflict between Australia and Italy. It would be wrong to underestimate the value of the UK being able to act on its own when it comes to trade decisions especially in this fast paced changing world.

Unknown to many or ignored by some are the fact that EU regulations cost money to states. Most EU laws and regulations are aimed at ensuring harmony across member states. It is a balancing act that serves to remove the influence of some extreme regulations promoted by some member countries. Most of these EU laws are not really relevant to UK traders especially those who do not export to the EU who form the majority. If the UK was to leave the EU the burden of such regulation will be lifted and only few businesses that export into the EU would be expected to respect such laws.

EU Laws And Regulations – Loop Holes Work Both Ways

Once the UK is outside the EU, it will free itself of a lot of baggage that came with being a member. They will no longer be obliged to contribute to the annual budget of the EU which Brexit supporters claim can be used to foster other areas of economic growth for the country. There are many who believe the cost of belonging to the EU is more than that of staying out.

As the debate for whether to leave or stay in the EU continues, more light is being thrown on why leaving is a better idea. Obviously the weight of being a member of the EU has taken its toll on the population and there are many who now believe that it is time the UK regains full control of its sovereignty by voting for Brexit.

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