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List of books by Ernest Haycox

List of Books Ernest Haycox with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Ernest Haycox. Find my selection in date order of Ernest Haycox.

Ernest Haycox List of Books to Read

Standalone Novels

Son of the West aka Dead Man Range  (1930)           

The Border Trumpet          (1939)           

Trail Town     (1941)           

Alder Gulch  (1942)           

Canyon Passage      (1945)           

By Rope and Lead aka Stage-coach        (1949)           

Chaffee of Roaring Horse  (1949)           

The Last Rodeo        (1949)           

The Wild Bunch       (1949)           

Rough Justice           (1951)           

The Silver Desert     (1951)           

Bugles in the Night (1952)           

Bugle’s Wake           (1953)           

Man in the Saddle  (1953)           

Outlaw           (1953)           

Rim of the Desert    (1953)           

The Adventurers     (1954)           

Murder on the Frontier     (1954)           

No Law and Order  (1954)           

Rawhide Range       (1954)           

Trail Smoke   (1954)           

Trouble Shooter      (1954)           

Deep West    (1955)           

Secret River  (1955)           

Sundown       (1955)           

Sundown Jim            (1955)           

Whispering Range  (1955)           

Long Storm   (1956)           

Return of a Fighter (1956)           

A Rider of the High Mesa  (1956)           

Action by Night       (1957)           

Bugles in the Afternoon    (1957)           

Free Grass    (1958)           

Saddle and Ride      (1958)           

Starlight Rider         (1958)           

Brand Fires on the Ridge aka Wipe Out the Brierlys  (1959)           

The Feudists (1959)           

Head of the Mountain       (1959)           

Lone Rider    (1959)           

Riders West  (1959)           

The Earthbreakers  (1960)           

Grim Canyon            (1960)           

Vengeance Trail       (1960)           

Fighting Man aka On the Prod     (1961)           

Prairie Guns (1961)           

Frank Peace, Trouble Shooter     (1963)           

The Man From Montana   (1964)           

Outlaw Guns            (1964)           

Trigger Trio   (1966)           

Guns of Fury (1967)           

Starlight and Gunflame     (1973)           

Ride the Wild Trail  (1974)           

Frontier Blood         (1974)           

Guns Up        (1994)           

Burnt Creek  (1996)           


Clouds on the Circle           (1997)           

Scout Detail  (1997)           

Born to Conquer     (1999)           

High Wind     (1999)           

Non-Fiction Books

On a Silver Desert   (2003)           

List of books by Ernest Haycox

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Ernest Haycox.

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