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List of books by Erin McCarthy


List of Books by Erin McCarthy with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Erin McCarthy. Find my selection in date order of Erin McCarthy books.

Erin McCarthy List of Books to Read

Kenzie Sutcliffe Books

Demon Envy       (2007)   

Speed Demon     (2008)   

FBI Agents, Chicago Books

Smart Mouth      (2004)   

Miss Extreme Congeniality (in Bad Boys in Black Tie)           (2004)   

Snowed Under (in The Night Before Christmas)     (2005)   

Florida Doctors Books

Blue Crush (in Perfect for the Beach)         (2004)   

Houston, We Have A Problem      (2004)   

Cutterville, Ohio Books

A Date with the Other Side            (2005)   

Heiress for Hire  (2006)   

Charlotte’s Web (2007)   

Seeing is Believing            (2013)   

New York Girlfriends Books

The Pregnancy Test          (2005)   

You Don’t Know Jack       (2006)   

Vegas Vampires Books

High Stakes         (2006)   

Bit the Jackpot   (2006)   

Bled Dry               (2007)   

Sucker Bet           (2008)   

Seven Deadly Sins Books

My Immortal      (2007)   

Fallen    (2008)   

The Taking          (2010)   

Fast Track Books

Flat-Out Sexy      (2008)   

Hard and Fast     (2009)   

Hot Finish            (2010)   

The Chase           (2011)   

Slow Ride            (2011)   

Jacked Up            (2012)   

Full Throttle        (2013)   

Final Lap              (2014)   

Fangover Series (with Kathy Love) Books

The Fangover     (2012)   

Fangs for Nothing            (2013)   

Smoky Mountain Books

Back To Basics   (2012)   

True Believers Books

True       (2013)   

Sweet    (2013)   

Believe  (2014)   

Shatter  (2014)   

Blurred Lines Books

You Make Me     (2014)   

Live For Me         (2014)   

Let Me In             (2014)   

Meant For Me    (2014)   

Breathe Me In    (2015)   

Nashville Nights Books

Heart Breaker     (2016)   

Dream Maker     (2016)   

Love Taker          (2017)   

South Beach Bodyguards Books

Burn       (2016)   

Break     (2016)   

Heat      (2017)   

Forgetting Jack Cooper Books

The Stuntman Edition      (2017)   

Bad Boys Online Books

Hard Line             (2017)   

Hard Drive           (2017)   

Hard Bargain      (2017)   

Murder By Design Books

Gone with the Ghost        (2018)   

Silence of the Ghost         (2018)   

Once Upon a Ghost          (2018)   

How the Ghost Stole Christmas    (2018)   

It’s a Ghost’s Life              (2019)   

Ghosts Like it Hot             (2019)   

Jordan Brothers Books

The Hook Up      (2018)   

The Breakup       (2018)   

Tap That Books

Stripped Down   (2018)   

Strip Search         (2018)   

1944172351        ()            

Strip Tease          (2018)   

Standalone Novels

Mouth to Mouth               (2005)   

That’s Amore      (2011)   

The Coming Dark              (2012)   

The Nemesis Affair           (2014)   

How To Get Lucky            (2015)   


An Enchanted Season (with Jean Johnson, Maggie Shayne and Nalini Singh)              (2007)   

The Power of Love (with Lori Foster and Rosemary Laurey)              (2008)   

First Blood (with Meljean Brook, Chris Marie Green and Susan Sizemore)    (2008)   

The Magical Christmas Cat (with Lora Leigh, Nalini Singh and Linda Winstead Jones)              (2008)   

The Beast Within (with Bianca D’Arc and Jennifer Lyon)      (2010)   

Sexy Mistakes (with HelenKay Dimon and Maisey Yates)    (2014)   

Never Fear (with Rachel Aukes, Rich Devin, Patrick Freivald, Michael Koogler, Kathy Love, Paul Mannering, Elle J Rossi, Lance Taubold and F Paul Wilson) (2015)   

Short Stories/Novellas

Abby’s Christmas Spirit    (2011)   

Perfect 10           (2014)   

Total Package    (2015)   

List of books by Erin McCarthy

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Erin McCarthy.


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