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List of books by Eric Brown

List of Books by Eric Brown with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Eric Brown. Find my selection in date order of Eric Brown books.

Eric Brown List of Books to Read

Virex Books

New York Nights               (2000)   

New York Blues  (2002)   

New York Dreams            (2004)   

Helix Books

Helix      (2007)   

Helix Wars           (2012)   

Starship Books

Starship Summer               (2007)   

Starship Fall        (2009)   

Starship Winter  (2012)   

Starship Seasons               (2013)   

Starship Coda     (2016)   

Starship Spring   (2016)   

Bengal Station Trilogy Books

Necropath           (2008)   

Xenopath             (2009)   

Cosmopath         (2009)   

Weirdspace Books

The Devil’s Nebula            (2012)   

Satan’s Reach     (2013)   

The Baba Yaga   (2015)   

Langham and Dupre Mystery Books

Murder by the Book         (2013)   

Murder at the Chase        (2014)   

Murder at the Loch          (2016)   

Murder Take Three          (2017)   

Murder Takes a Turn        (2018)   

Jani and the Greater Game Books

Jani and the Greater Game            (2014)   

Jani and the Great Pursuit              (2016)   

Telemass Quartet Books

Famadihana on Fomalhaut IV       (2014)   

Sacrifice on Spica III         (2014)   

Reunion on Alpha Reticuli II          (2016)   

Exalted on Bellatrix 1       (2017)   

Binary/System Books

Binary    (2016)   

System  (2017)   

Standalone Novels

Meridian Days    (1992)   

Engineman          (1994)   

Penumbra            (1999)   

Twocking             (2001)   

Firebug  (2003)   

Bengal Station    (2004)   

British Front        (2005)   

Space Ace            (2005)   

Crazy Love          (2006)   

An Alien Ate Me for Breakfast      (2007)   

Race Against Time            (2008)   

Kethani (2008)   

Guilty?   (2009)   

A Dinosaur Ate My Socks               (2009)   

Guardians of the Phoenix              (2010)   

The Kings of Eternity        (2011)   

Serene Invasion (2013)   

Salvage (2013)   


The Time-Lapsed Man     (1987)   

Blue Shifting       (1995)   

Deep Future        (2001)   

The Fall Of Tartarus         (2004)   

Threshold Shift   (2006)   

Infinities              (2011)   

Ghostwriting       (2012)   

The Angels of Life and Death        (2012)   

Conflicts              (2012)   

Strange Visitors  (2014)   

Rites of Passage               (2014)   

Microcosms        (2017)   

The Spacetime Pit Plus Two          (2018)   

Short Stories/Novellas

Parallax View      (2000)   

A Writer’s Life    (2001)   

Approaching Omega        (2004)   

The Extraordinary Voyage of Jules Verne (2005)   

Gilbert and Edgar on Mars             (2009)   

The Death of Cassandra Quebec  (2011)   

The Martian Simulacra    (2018)   

Dislocations        (2018)   

Chapter Books

A Monster Ate My Marmite          (2011)   

List of books by Eric Brown

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Eric Brown.


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