Enjoy The Buzz: The Simplest Way To Increase Instagram Engagement

Best Methods To Increase Instagram Engagement

I’ve made my Instagram profile trending in barely 2 days: here’s how I did it.

Everyone loves to make their Instagram trending. There’s just a feeling of pleasure that follows the inflow of likes, comments, and followers. 

While everybody wishes to make their Instagram trending, not everyone can do it. Although tricky as it sounds, it’s very simple. 

All you have to do is understand the Algorithm of Instagram and how it depends on post engagement. Here’s what I did to make my Instagram trending in barely 2 days. 

P.S: Do know that I will be discussing the steps I followed and some technicalities as to what would happen if you did that step. That way, it will be easier for you to grab hold of the basic concept of the Algorithm on which Instagram operates. Let’s begin

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Step Number One 

The first thing I did was to buy Instagram followers. It may sound strange, but it works.

So what Instagram sees is the number of followers. The higher your number of followers, the more chances of you appearing on people’s Explore page. And hence, more chances of people seeing your post, interacting with it and boosting your engagement. I kept this principle in my mind and went on to buy real Instagram followers

Remember, the higher the followers. The better the chances. 

Since I was not going well on the followers’ job, I decided to buy Instagram followers. You can do the same as well as Instagram doesn’t discriminate between real and fake followers. So as long as you have high numbers, you’re good to go. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also power up your IG profile when you buy Instagram likes PayPal.

But do remember to buy Instagram followers from an authentic site. I used Instapalace.com. It’s a good website, and it sells real active followers at affordable prices. Do check them out. 

Step Two

Next came the part where I had to increase my post engagement. 

Now there are several ways of increasing post engagement. One I will be discussing here and the next 2 in the next step. 

So the major thing that increases post engagement is Likes. The more likes you get on your post, the more it gets suggested to people on the Explore page, and consequently, the more likes you will get. It’s like a self-perpetuating cycle. 

How did I get my likes? Good question. Since I have a new account with not many active followers yet, I decided to buy Instagram Likes. Yes, I know it is not the most suitable thing to do. But something you have to do to be trending in two days, alright. 

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Step Three and Four

Now, in my opinion, this step is one of the very neglected ones yet. And it is Instagram comments and saves. 

The higher comments you get on your post, the better your chances of being seen by other people. It’s because Instagram will then see you as someone substantial in people’s lives. And hence, will suggest more people thinking you can influence their lives as well. 

But remember, the comments must always be at least 4 words long, or else the algorithm will not recognize it as a comment and hence won’t help you grow. 

Having your post saved by someone skyrockets the algorithm in your favour. The AI sees a post being saved as something significant. If even one person saves your post, it can be an equivalent of over 20 likes, give or take. 

For the comments, on some posts, I asked my friends to help me out, and on others, I decided to buy a few Instagram comments when the post was more of a general theme to avoid having spam comments. 

And as for the likes, I asked my friends to always save my posts. 

And That’s It 

Yep. That’s it. Those are the 4 very simple steps I followed to speed up my chances of becoming trending. And I did, which is awesome. 

I would love to hear how you utilized these steps for your growth. 

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