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List of books by Enid Blyton

List of Books by Enid Blyton with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Enid Blyton. Find my selection in date order of Enid Blyton books.

Enid Blyton List of Books to Read

Wishing-Chair Books

The Adventures of the Wishing-Chair        (1937)   

The Wishing-Chair Again (1950)   

Wishing-Chair Collections

The Wishing-Chair Collection       (2002)   

Mr. Galliano’s Circus Books

Mr. Galliano’s Circus        (1938)   

Hurrah for the Circus!      (1939)   

Circus Days Again             (1942)   

Come to the Circus          (1948)   

Adventurous Four Books

The Adventurous Four     (1941)   

The Adventurous Four Again         (1947)   

Famous Five Books

Five on a Treasure Island               (1942)   

Five Go Adventuring Again            (1943)   

Five Run Away Together (1944)   

Five Go to Smuggler’s Top             (1945)   

Five Go Off in a Caravan (1946)   

Five on Kirrin Island Again              (1947)   

Five Go Off to Camp        (1948)   

Five Get Into Trouble       (1949)   

Five Fall Into Adventure  (1950)   

Five on a Hike Together  (1951)   

Five Have a Wonderful Time         (1952)   

Five Go Down to the Sea               (1953)   

Five Go to Mystery Moor               (1954)   

Five Have Plenty of Fun   (1955)   

Five on a Secret Trail       (1956)   

Five Go to Billycock Hill   (1957)   

Five Get Into a Fix             (1958)   

Five on Finniston Farm    (1959)   

Five Go to Demon’s Rocks             (1960)   

Five Have a Mystery to Solve        (1962)   

Five Are Together Again  (1962)   

Willow Farm Books

The Children of Willow Farm        (1942)   

More Adventures on Willow Farm              (1942)   

Mary Mouse Books

Mary Mouse and the Dolls’ House              (1942)   

More Adventures of Mary Mouse               (1943)   

Little Mary Mouse Again (1944)   

Hello, Little Mary Mouse               (1945)   

Mary Mouse and Her Family         (1946)   

Here Comes Mary Mouse Again   (1947)   

How Do You Do, Mary Mouse      (1948)   

We Do Love Mary Mouse              (1950)   

Welcome, Mary Mouse! (1950)   

Hurrah for Mary Mouse  (1951)   

A Prize for Mary Mouse  (1951)   

Mary Mouse and Her Bicycle        (1952)   

Mary Mouse and the Noah’s Ark  (1952)   

Mary Mouse to the Rescue           (1954)   

Mary Mouse in the Nursery Rhyme Land  (1955)   

A Day with Mary Mouse  (1956)   

Mary Mouse and the Garden Party             (1957)   

Mary Mouse Goes to the Fair       (1958)   

Mary Mouse Has a Wonderful Idea            (1959)   

Mary Mouse Goes to Sea              (1960)   

Mary Mouse Goes Out for the Day             (1961)   

Fun with Mary Mouse      (1962)   

Mary Mouse and the Little Donkey            (1964)   

Five Find-Outers/Mystery Books

The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage              (1943)   

The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat         (1944)   

The Mystery of the Secret Room (1945)   

The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters            (1946)   

The Mystery of the Missing Necklace        (1947)   

The Mystery of the Hidden House              (1948)   

The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat           (1949)   

The Mystery of the Invisible Thief               (1950)   

The Mystery of the Vanished Prince           (1951)   

The Mystery of the Strange Bundle            (1952)   

The Mystery of Holly Lane             (1953)   

The Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage (1954)   

The Mystery of the Missing Man  (1956)   

The Mystery of the Strange Messages       (1957)   

The Mystery of Banshee Towers  (1961)   

Adventure Series Books

The Island of Adventure  (1944)   

The Castle of Adventure (1946)   

The Valley of Adventure  (1947)   

The Sea of Adventure      (1948)   

The Mountain of Adventure          (1949)   

The Ship of Adventure     (1950)   

The Circus of Adventure  (1952)   

The River of Adventure   (1955)   

Family Books

The Caravan Family          (1945)   

The Saucy Jane Family     (1947)   

The Pole Star Family        (1950)   

The Seaside Family           (1950)   

The Buttercup Farm Family           (1951)   

The Queen Elizabeth Family          (1951)   

Happy House Books

The Children at Happy House        (1946)   

The Happy House Children Again (1947)   

Benjy and the Others       (1955)   

The Happy House Children            (1966)   

Amelia Jane Books

Naughty Amelia Jane       (1946)   

Amelia Jane Again            (1946)   

Amelia Jane Collections

More About Amelia Jane!              (1974)   

Six Cousins Books

Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farm       (1948)   

Six Cousins Again              (1950)   

Twins Books

Tales of the Twins            (1948)   

Hello Twins         (1951)   

Come Along Twins           (1952)   

Here Come the Twins      (1953)   

Trouble for the Twins      (1964)   

Noddy Books

Noddy Goes To Toyland  (1949)   

Hurrah for Little Noddy   (1950)   

Noddy and His Car            (1951)   

Here Comes Noddy Again!            (1951)   

Well Done Noddy!            (1952)   

Noddy Goes to School     (1952)   

Noddy at the Seaside       (1953)   

Noddy Gets into Trouble (1954)   

Noddy and the Magic Rubber       (1954)   

You Funny Little Noddy   (1955)   

Noddy Meets Father Christmas    (1955)   

Noddy and Tessie Bear    (1956)   

Be Brave, Little Noddy!   (1956)   

Noddy and the Bumpy-Dog           (1957)   

Do Look Out, Noddy        (1957)   

You’re a Good Friend, Noddy        (1958)   

Noddy Has an Adventure               (1958)   

Noddy Goes to Sea          (1959)   

Noddy and the Bunkey    (1959)   

Cheer Up, Little Noddy!  (1960)   

Noddy Goes to the Fair   (1960)   

Mr. Plod and Little Noddy              (1961)   

Noddy and the Tootles    (1962)   

Noddy and the Aeroplane              (1963)   

Secret Seven Books

The Secret Seven              (1949)   

Secret Seven Adventure  (1950)   

Well Done, Secret Seven (1951)   

Secret Seven on the Trail               (1952)   

Go Ahead Secret Seven   (1953)   

Good Work Secret Seven               (1954)   

Secret Seven Win Through            (1955)   

Three Cheers Secret Seven            (1956)   

Secret Seven Mystery      (1957)   

Puzzle of the Secret Seven             (1958)   

Secret Seven Fireworks   (1959)   

Good Old Secret Seven    (1960)   

Shock for the Secret Seven            (1961)   

Look Out Secret Seven    (1962)   

Fun for the Secret Seven (1963)   

Malory Towers Books

First Term at Malory Towers         (1946)   

Second Form at Malory Towers   (1947)   

Third Year at Malory Towers        (1948)   

Upper Fourth at Malory Towers   (1949)   

In the Fifth at Malory Towers       (1950)   

Last Term at Malory Towers         (1951)   

St. Clare’s Books

The Twins at St. Clare’s   (1941)   

The O’Sullivan Twins        (1942)   

Summer Term at St. Clare’s           (1943)   

Second Form at St. Clare’s             (1944)   

Claudine at St. Clare’s      (1944)   

Fifth Formers at St. Clare’s            (1945)   

Magic Faraway Tree Books

The Enchanted Wood      (1939)   

The Magic Faraway Tree               (1943)   

The Folk of the Faraway Tree       (1946)   

Up the Faraway Tree       (1951)   

Naughtiest Girl Books

The Naughtiest Girl in the School (1940)   

The Naughtiest Girl Again              (1942)   

The Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor  (1945)   

Here’s The Naughtiest Girl!           (1952)   

Secret Series Books

The Secret Island              (1938)   

The Secret of Spiggy Holes            (1940)   

The Secret Mountain       (1941)   

The Secret of Killimooin  (1943)   

The Secret of Moon Castle            (1953)   

Barney Mysteries Books

The Rockingdown Mystery            (1949)   

The Rilloby Fair Mystery  (1950)   

The Ring O’ Bells Mystery              (1951)   

The Rubadub Mystery      (1952)   

The Rat-A-Tat Mystery    (1956)   

The Ragamuffin Mystery               (1959)   

Circus Books

Mr. Galliano’s Circus        (1938)   

Hurrah for the Circus       (1939)   

Circus Days Again             (1942)   

Standalone Novels

The Children of Cherry Tree Farm               (1940)   

The Children of Kidillin     (1940)   

Three Boys and Circus     (1940)   

The Treasure Hunters      (1940)   

The Land of Far-Beyond  (1942)   

Shadow the Sheep Dog   (1942)   

The Adventures of Scamp              (1943)   

Smuggler Ben     (1943)   

The Boy Next Door          (1944)   

The Family at Red-Roofs (1945)   

Hollow Tree House          (1945)   

The Little White Duck      (1946)   

The Put-Em-Rights           (1946)   

The Three Golliwogs        (1946)   

The House at the Corner (1947)   

The Secret of Cliff Castle               (1947)   

The Boy with the Loaves and the Fishes    (1948)   

The Little Girl at Capernaum         (1948)   

Those Dreadful Children (1949)   

The Six Bad Boys               (1951)   

The Queer Adventure      (1952)   

The Very Big Secret          (1952)   

Snowball the Pony            (1953)   

Visitors in the Night         (1953)   

The Adventure of the Secret Necklace      (1954)   

The Children at Green Meadows  (1954)   

The Golliwog Grumbled  (1954)   

Holiday House    (1955)   

The Troublesome Three  (1955)   

The Adventure of the Strange Ruby            (1960)   

The Boy Who Wanted a Dog        (1963)   

The Boy Who Came Back              (1965)   

The Man Who Stopped to Help    (1965)   

Hello Mr. Twiddle             (1968)   

Well, Really, Mr. Twiddle!             (1971)   

Don’t Be Silly, Mr. Twiddle!           (1971)   

Mr. Pink-Whistle’s Party  (1971)   

The Dog with the Long Tail           (1975)   

The Bonfire Folk               (1984)   

The Night the Toys Had a Party    (1991)   

The Land of Blue Mountains         (1993)   

List of books by Enid Blyton

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Enid Blyton.


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