Engagement Ring for Your Sweetheart. Because It Was Written in the Stars

There are numerous fascinating areas of astrology that can lure us in. The ones of particular interest are horoscopes and zodiac signs. Revolving of planets, positioning of stars – these and many other factors are said to impose certain character traits upon a person. Combined, they forge a zodiac system with elemental components. The fateful calendar begins with a feisty sign of Aries and ends with a peaceful sign of Pisces.

While we don’t know if there’s a grain of truth to these beliefs or not, we do think exploring rings for engagement based on a sign is exciting. Plus, imagine yourself scrolling through numerous catalogues, starting to feel like a kid in a candy store, where minutes of search turn into hours, and the fun slowly vanishes. Why not entrust this big decision into the hands of stars and go with the flow? We are more than sure you’ll find an appealing ring for your engagement in our ultimate guide or at least get a clue in which direction to proceed. Without further ado, enjoy:

Fire Signs (Saggitarius, Aries and Leo)

The core of these signs is their short temper, boldness and aspiring ambitions. Always seeking something new – that’s the main motto. Inventive and enthusiastic, they aren’t afraid to push their ideas.

If you accidentally clash in a dispute with stubborn heads, prepare yourself for trouble because fire signs will defend their principles by all means. This quality makes them great influencers and leaders. Aries are known to be groundbreakers. They want to have an impact, and so should their jewellery. Full of energy, people under this sign favour off-beat shapes and chunky pieces. Platinum or white gold will perfectly underline their authenticity, assertiveness and integrity.

Leos are appreciated for their devotion and confidence. Therefore, minimalistic bands will not satisfy their luxury hunger. Your beloved would be over the moon if you gifted them a bulky sleek piece. Sagittariuses have a cheery extroverted disposition. They are very protective of their space and make up the best experts regarding love matters. We recommend opting for rose gold rings with peculiarly shaped diamonds.

Earth Signs (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn)

Earth signs are known for their practical, down-to-earth nature. They are reliable companions, empathetic friends and determined workers.

Their perseverance kills the game!

– Capricorns are best described as dreamy and considerate. Yellow gold with solitaire diamond is the top choice for this sign because it accentuates strong points without overwhelming effect.

– Virgos are caring and meticulous creatures. If you want them to appreciate your efforts, buy something humble with restrained shine. White gold rings are your ticket to their happiness.

– Tauruses have dependable but stubborn personalities. Both gold and platinum are good; the only nuance is for the ring to look brutal.

Jewellery designs for earth signs shouldn’t be complicated. We advise sticking to classics and presenting the beauty in its rawest form.

Water Signs (Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer)

Water signs are nurturing and very innovative. You can often spot them lying on a sofa or grass carpet with their heads in the clouds. The world of rationalisation is not an environment for them to thrive.

Scorpios, Pisces and Cancers are guided by their intuition and sixth sense. Despite being straightforward speakers, they make up good listeners and stay in sync with other people’s emotions. To cater to their tender persona, go for dainty rings with refined ornaments.

Air Signs (Libras, Aquarius and Geminis)

Air signs are communicative intellectuals who rely on their logic rather than emotions or feelings. They fancy intricate details, colourful rocks and exquisite faceting.

– Geminis are the chatterbox of the astrological universe. They are the life of the party and the trigger of adventures. Thus, an unusual white or rose gold ring with a one-off stone is the best way to convey their breezy manner.

– Aquarius are visionaries of air signs. They devote huge amounts of their time to personal development. Motivated by curiosity, they love discussing interesting topics and engaging in social activities. In jewellery, aim for alternative metals or alloys.

– Libras are the ultimate team players who keep the conversation going. They manage to balance between passionate desires and earthly obligations. Surprise them with uniquely devised settings and split shanks.

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