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Emily Ruskovich, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best Emily Ruskovich quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find Emily Ruskovich’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer Emily Ruskovich made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favorites: 

About Emily Ruskovich

Emily Ruskovich grew up in northern Idaho’s mountains. She earned an MA in English from the University of New Brunswick and an MFA from Iowa Writers’ Workshop after graduating from the University of Montana. During 2011-2012, she was the James C. McCreight Fiction Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has published fiction in Zoetrope, One Story, and The Virginia Quarterly Review. She was a 2015 winner of the O. Henry Award for her story “Owl.”

Born: Hoodoo Mountains, Idaho, The United States
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Contemporary

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Popular Quotes

“Kindness that is nothing special is the rarest and most honest.”
― Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

 “But that was long ago. She has long since lost interest in motives, in the details of other women’s crimes. Even the hatchet makes its usual sense. A mother who loves her child with all her self is only so far from the hatchet anyway; one casual swing and it’s done. Hatred, love, all muddled up in that space inside a whisper, when the words don’t matter anymore, when the baby’s half asleep and you can carry it all the way there if you want, on nothing but the tone of your voice. When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall. Sing it as softly as you like—the words clench their own teeth. The child still falls.”
― Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

“He has lost his daughters, but he has also lost the memory of losing them. But he has not lost the loss. Pain is as present in his body as his signature is in his hand. He can sign his name perfectly, but he can’t print it. W, he tries. But the a is impossible without the cursive tilt, the remembered motion of the letter before. He knows his name but can’t see, can’t feel, the separate parts, which are only possible from the inertia of his hand. He knows his grief, too, but its source is also lost without its movement. It is a static thing, unrecognizable, disconnected.”
― Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

 “How could this word be a party of May’s vocabulary if neither one ever taught her? Just like that, she has deepened. Beneath her blond-white hair are these two new eyes that see what he can’t guess. She is capable of withholding, then revealing. How has she learned to be this new thing that she is? He cups his hand to the back of her head, and holds her close, feeling already that all of it will pass too soon, that she is already becoming her own self, composed of secret knowledge.”
― Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

 “Theirs is a devotion that is possible only because of their equal disappointments in each other and the knowledge they share that at one time, to the one who mattered, they were each separately enough.”
― Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

 “sibling laughter–he can hear it– not the laughter of school friends or neighbors or cousins. Something secret in that laughter, private, edged with meanness and devotion”
― Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

“How quickly someone else’s life can enter through the cracks we don’t know are there until this foreign thing is inside of us. We are more porous than we know.”
― Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

 “The revelation of kindness hurts worse than cruelty. There is no way to equal it. Nowhere to put her gratitude, and so it thrashes in her body.”
― Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

“Perhaps it’s what both their hearts have been wanting all along—to be broken. In order to know that they are whole enough to break.”
― Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

“He whispered, “Life.” And so she lived. Is living still. Will go on living, to the end of that whisper.”
― Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

10 Famous Quotes by Author Emily Ruskovich

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One Final Bonus – Emily Ruskovich Quote 

“She learned how to deal with the moments when his memory lapsed. Sometimes, she felt it happen even without him saying a word. On a sunny fall day, she lay next to him on the ground, and as he dozed she felt his old life, his memories, radiate off his skin. She felt everything leave him but her. She shed her own life, too, to match him. They lay there together like a point in time. A cloud drifted in front of the sun and things to shift inside of him, and when she sensed this, she allowed things to shift inside of her, too. They became their regular selves again, still warm from the lost memory of a minute ago.
But underneath her happiness was a dread that one day this would be all they had. All associations would be lost: the smell of the gloves, the sound of the truck door slamming shut. All the details she still wanted to know. Everything reduced to nothing more than itself.”
― Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

More from the Author: https://amzn.to/3dGKg4E

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