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List of books by Emily March

List of Books by Emily March with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Emily March. Find my selection in date order of Emily March books.

Emily March List of Books to Read

Bad Luck Wedding Books

The Bad Luck Wedding Dress        (1996)   

The Bad Luck Wedding Cake         (1998)   

Simmer All Night               (1999)   

Sizzle All Day       (2000)   

The Bad Luck Wedding Night        (2001)   

Her Bodyguard   (2005)   

Her Scoundrel     (2005)   

Her Outlaw         (2007)   

Bad Luck Abroad Books

Simmer All Night               (2017)   

Sizzle All Day       (2017)   

The Bad Luck Wedding Night        (2017)   

Republic Of Texas Books

The Wedding Raffle         (1996)   

The Wedding Ransom     (1998)   

Cedar Dell, Texas Books

My Big Old Texas Heartache         (2003)   

My Long Tall Texas Heartthrob    (2004)   

Callahan Brothers Books

Give Him the Slip               (2006)   

Never Say Never               (2007)   

Always Look Twice           (2008)   

A Callahan Carol               (2014)   

Good Luck Grooms Books

The Loner            (2008)   

Eternity Springs Books

Angel’s Rest        (2011)   

Hummingbird Lake           (2011)   

Heartache Falls  (2011)   

Mistletoe Mine  (2011)   

Lover’s Leap       (2011)   

Nightingale Way               (2012)   

Reflection Point (2013)   

Miracle Road      (2013)   

Dreamweaver Trail          (2014)   

Teardrop Lane    (2015)   

Heartsong Cottage          (2015)   

Reunion Pass      (2016)   

Christmas in Eternity Springs         (2016)   

A Stardance Summer       (2017)   

The First Kiss of Spring     (2018)   

The Christmas Wishing Tree          (2018)   

Eternity Springs: McBrides Of Texas Books

Jackson (2019)   

Tucker   (2020)   

Standalone Novels

The Texan’s Bride             (1993)   

Capture the Night             (1993)   

Tempting Morality           (1995)   

The Kissing Stars               (1999)   

Pink Magnolia Club          (2002)   

Season of Sisters              (2017)   

Capture The Night            (2018)   

The Texan’s Bride             (2018)   

The Scoundrel’s Bride      (2018)   

Short Story Collections

Under the Boardwalk      (1999)   

A Season in the Highlands              (2000)   

List of books by Emily March

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Emily March.


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