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List of books by Emilie Loring

List of Books by Emilie Loring with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Emilie Loring. Find my selection in date order of Emilie Loring books.

Emilie Loring List of Books to Read

 Standalone Novels

The Trail of Conflict         (1922)   

Here Comes the Sun        (1924)   

A Certain Crossroad         (1925)   

The Solitary Horseman    (1927)   

Gay Courage       (1928)   

Swift Water        (1929)   

Lighted Windows              (1930)   

Fair Tomorrow   (1931)   

Uncharted Seas  (1932)   

Hilltops Clear      (1933)   

We Ride the Gale!            (1934)   

With Banners      (1934)   

It’s A Great World!           (1935)   

Give Me One Summer      (1936)   

As Long As I Live               (1937)   

High of Heart      (1938)   

Today Is Yours    (1938)   

Across The Years              (1939)   

Behind the Cloud              (1940)   

Look to the Stars              (1940)   

There Is Always Love       (1940)   

Stars in Your Eyes             (1941)   

Where Beauty Dwells      (1941)   

Rainbow at Dusk               (1942)   

When Hearts Are Light Again        (1943)   

Keepers of the Faith         (1944)   

Beyond the Sound of Guns            (1945)   

Bright Skies         (1946)   

Beckoning Trails               (1947)   

I Hear Adventure Calling (1948)   

Love Came Laughing by  (1949)   

To Love and to Honor     (1951)   

For All Your Life (1952)   

My Dearest Love              (1954)   

I Take This Man  (1955)   

The Shadow of Suspicion               (1955)   

With This Ring    (1955)   

What Then Is Love           (1956)   

How Can the Heart Forget?          (1960)   

Throw Wide the Door      (1962)   

Follow Your Heart            (1963)   

A Candle in Her Heart      (1964)   

Forever and a Day            (1965)   

Spring Always Comes       (1966)   

A Key to Many Doors       (1967)   

In Times Like These          (1968)   

Love with Honor               (1969)   

No Time for Love             (1970)   

Forsaking All Others         (1971)   

The Shining Years             (1972)   

List of books by Emilie Loring

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Emilie Loring.

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