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List of books by Elswyth Thane

List of Books Elswyth Thane with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Elswyth Thane. Find my selection in date order of Elswyth Thane books.

Elswyth Thane List of Books to Read

Women of Williamsburg Books

Dawn’s Early Light  (1934)           

Yankee Stranger      (1944)           

Ever After      (1945)           

The Light Heart        (1947)           

Kissing Kin     (1948)           

This Was Tomorrow           (1952)           

Homing          (1957)           

Standalone Novels

Riders of the Wind (1926)           

Cloth of Gold            (1929)           

Tryst   (1939)           

England Was an Island Once        (1940)           

Remember Today   (1941)           

The Bird Who Made Good            (1947)           

Melody          (1950)           

Reluctant Farmer    (1950)           

The Lost General     (1953)           

Letter to a Stranger            (1955)           

Queen’s Folly           (1955)           

The Family Quarrel (1960)           

Mount Vernon Is Ours       (1966)           

Mount Vernon, the Legacy           (1967)           

Mount Vernon Family        (1968)           

The Virginia Colony (1969)           

Dolley Madison, Her Life and Times       (1971)           

The Fighting Quaker           (1973)           

The Strength of the Hills   (1976)           

From This Day Forward     (1976)           

Potomac Squire       (1980)           

Echo Answers          (1982)           

Bound to Happen   (1982)           

His Elizabeth (1982)           


The Tudor Wench   (1932)           

Non-Fiction Books

Young Mr. Disraeli  (1936)           

Washinton’s Lady   (1954)           

List of books by Elswyth Thane

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Elswyth Thane.

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