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List of books by Elmer Kelton

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Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Elmer Kelton. Find my selection in date order of Elmer Kelton books.

Elmer Kelton List of Books to Read

Tales Of Texas Books

Captain’s Rangers   (1968)           

Joe Pepper    (1975)           

Long Way to Texas (1976)           

Texas Tradition Books

The Day the Cowboys Quit           (1971)           

Wagontongue         (1972)           

The Manhunters     (1974)           

Good Old Boys         (1978)           

The Wolf and the Buffalo  (1980)           

Stand Proud (1984)           

The Man Who Rode Midnight     (1987)           

Dark Thicket (1985)           

Honor at Daybreak (1991)           

Texas Tradition Books

Good Old Boys         (1978)           

The Wolf and the Buffalo  (1980)           

The Day the Cowboys Quit           (1971)           

Stand Proud (1984)           

The Man Who Rode Midnight     (1987)           

The Manhunters     (1974)           

Wagontongue         (1972)           

Dark Thicket (1985)           

Honor at Daybreak (1991)           

Sons Of Texas Books

Sons of Texas           (1989)           

The Raiders  (1989)           

The Rebels    (1990)           

Hewey Calloway Books

The Smiling Country           (1998)           

Six Bits a Day            (2005)           

Texas Rangers Books

The Buckskin Line   (1999)           

Badger Boy   (2001)           

Way of the Coyote  (2001)           

Ranger’s Trail           (2002)           

Lone Star Rising      (2003)           

Texas Vendetta       (2004)           

Jericho’s Road          (2004)           

Ranger’s Law            (2006)           

Hard Trail to Follow            (2008)           

Other Men’s Horses           (2009)           

Texas Standoff         (2010)           

Standalone Novels

Hot Iron         (1955)           

Buffalo Wagons      (1956)           

Barbed Wire (1957)           

Shadow of a Star     (1959)           

The Texas Rifles       (1960)           

Donovan       (1961)           

Bitter Trail    (1962)           

Horsehead Crossing           (1963)           

Massacre at Goliad (1965)           

Llano River    (1966)           

After the Bugles      (1967)           

Hanging Judge         (1969)           

Shotgun Settlement           (1969)           

Bowie’s Mine           (1971)           

The Time It Never Rained  (1973)           

Eyes of the Hawk     (1981)           

Slaughter      (1992)           

The Best Christmas (1993)           

The Indian in Frontier News         (1993)           

The Far Canyon       (1994)           

The Pumpkin Rollers          (1996)           

Cloudy in the West (1997)           

The Funeral of Tanner Moody     (2004)           

Noah’s Ride  (2006)           

Pecos Crossing         (2007)           

Many a River            (2008)           

Shotgun        (2009)           

Children’s Books

Christmas at the Ranch     (2003)           

Short Story Collections

There’s Always Another Chance and Other Stories    (1986)           

The Big Brand          (1986)           

Legend           (1999)           

Lost Trails     (2007)           

ReadWest: Stories from the Old West  (2012)           

Non-Fiction Books

Looking Back West: Selections form the Pioneer News-Observer  (1972)           

Permian: A Continuing Saga         (1985)           

30 Years of Western Fiction         (1985)           

Living and Writing in West Texas: Two Speeches       (1988)           

The Art of Howard Terpning         (1992)           

The Art of Frank C. McCarthy      (1992)           

The Art of James Bama      (1993)           

Elmer Kelton Country: The Short Nonfiction of a Texas Novelist    (1993)           

My Kind of Heroes: Selected Speeches  (1995)           

Texas  (1995)           

Texas Cattle Barons: Their Families, Land and Legacy           (2001)           

Tom Lovell: Storyteller with a Brush      (2005)           

Sandhills Boy: The Winding Trail of a Texas Writer    (2007)                       

List of books by Elmer Kelton

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Elmer Kelton.

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