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List of books by Ellery Queen

List of Books Ellery Queen with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Ellery Queen. Find my selection in date order of Ellery Queen books.

Ellery Queen List of Books to Read

Drury Lane Books

The Tragedy of X     (1932)           

The Tragedy of Y     (1932)           

The Tragedy of Z     (1933)           

Drury Lane’s Last Case       (1933)           

Ellery Queen Books

The Roman Hat Mystery   (1929)           

The Greek Coffin Mystery (1932)           

The French Powder Mystery        (1930)           

The Chinese Orange Mystery       (1934)           

The Dutch Shoe Mystery   (1931)           

The Egyptian Cross Mystery         (1932)           

The American Gun Mystery          (1933)           

The Siamese Twin Mystery           (1933)           

The Lamp of God    (1935)           

The Spanish Cape Mystery           (1935)           

Halfway House         (1936)           

The Door Between  (1937)           

The Four of Hearts  (1938)           

The Devil to Pay       (1938)           

The Dragon’s Teeth            (1939)           

Ellery Queen Master Detective    (1941)           

The Penthouse Mystery    (1941)           

Calamity Town         (1942)           

The Perfect Crime   (1942)           

There Was An Old Woman           (1943)           

The Murderer is a Fox        (1945)           

Ten Days’ Wonder  (1948)           

Cat of Many Tails    (1949)           

Double, Double       (1950)           

The Origin of Evil     (1951)           

The King is Dead      (1952)           

The Scarlet Letters (1953)           

The Glass Village     (1973)           

Inspector Queen’s Own Case       (1956)           

The Finishing Stroke           (1958)           

Dead Man’s Tale     (1961)           

Death Spins the Platter     (1962)           

Kill as Directed         (1963)           

Murder with a Past (1963)           

The Player on the Other Side       (1963)           

Wife or Death          (1963)           

And On the Eighth Day      (1964)           

Blow Hot, Blow Cold          (1964)           

The Four Johns        (1964)           

The Golden Goose  (1964)           

The Last Score         (1964)           

The Fourth Side of the Triangle   (1965)           

Beware the Young Stranger         (1965)           

The Copper Frame  (1965)           

The Copper Touch  (1965)           

A Room to Die In     (1965)           

Lethal Black Book   (1965)           

The Devil’s Cook      (1966)           

Losers, Weepers     (1966)           

The Madman Theory          (1966)           

Shoot the Scene      (1966)           

A Study in Terror     (1966)           

Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper: A Study in Terror         (1966)           

Face to Face (1967)           

Guess Who’s Coming to Kill You?           (1968)           

The House of Brass (1968)           

Cop Out         (1969)           

Kiss and Kill   (1969)           

The Last Woman in His Life          (1970)           

Poetic Justice           (1970)           

A Fine and Private Place    (1971)           

The Killer Touch       (1975)           

Ellery Queen’s Japanese Golden Dozen: The Detective Story World in Japan      ()           

Terror Town (2016)           

Ellery Queen Jr. Mysteries Books

The Black Dog Mystery      (1941)           

The Golden Eagle Mystery            (1942)           

The Green Turtly Mystery (1944)           

The Red Chipmunk Mystery         (1946)           

The Brown Fox Mystery    (1948)           

The White Elephant Mystery       (1950)           

The Yellow Cat Mystery     (1952)           

The Blue Herring Mystery (1954)           

The Purple Bird Mystery   (1965)           

The Mystery of the Merry Magician       (1961)           

The Mystery of the Vanished Victim      (1962)           

Tim Corrigan Books

Where is Bianca?    (1966)           

Who Spies, Who Kills?       (1966)           

Why So Dead?         (1966)           


Which Way to Die? (1967)           

What’s in the Dark?           (1968)           

Mike McCall Books

The Campus Murders        (1969)           

The Black Hearts Murder  (1970)           

The Blue Movie Murders  (1972)           

Short Story Collections

The Adventures of Ellery Queen  (1934)           

The New Adventures of Ellery Queen    (1940)           

Calendar of Crime   (1952)           

QBI: Queen’s Bureau of Investigation   (1955)           

Queen’s Full (1965)           

QED: Queen’s Experiments in Detection           (1968)           

The Best of Ellery Queen   (1983)           

The Tragedy of Errors        (1999)           


101 Years’ Entertainment: The Great Detective Stories, 1841-1941         (1943)           

To the Queen’s Taste         (1949)           

Ellery Queen’s Murdercade          (1976)           

Ellery Queen’s Magicians of Mystery     (1978)           

Ellery Queen’s Veils of Mystery   (1980)           

The Best of Suspense         (1980)           

Ellery Queen’s Windows of Mystery      (1980)           

Ellery Queen’s Doors to Mystery (1981)           

Ellery Queen’s Crime Cruise Round the World (1981)           

Ellery Queen’s Eyes of Mystery    (1981)           

Ellery Queen’s Maze of Mysteries           (1982)           

Ellery Queen’s Book of First Appearances        (1982)           

Ellery Queen’s Eyewitnesses        (1983)           

Ellery Queen’s Lost Ladies (1983)           

Ellery Queen’s Lost Men   (1983)           

Ellery Queen’s Prime Crimes        (1984)           

Ellery Queen’s Crimes and Punishments           (1984)           

Ellery Queen’s Masters of Mystery         (1987)           

The Adventure of the Murdered Moths and Other Radio Mysteries         (2004)           

List of books by Ellery Queen

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Ellery Queen.

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