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List of books by Elizabeth Peters

List of Books Elizabeth Peters with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Elizabeth Peters. Find my selection in date order of Elizabeth Peters books.

Elizabeth Peters List of Books to Read

Georgetown Books

Ammie, Come Home          (1968)           

Shattered Silk          (1986)           

Stitches in Time       (1995)           

Jacqueline Kirby Books

The Seventh Sinner (1972)           

The Murders of Richard III            (1974)           

Die for Love  (1984)           

Naked Once More  (1989)           

Vicky Bliss Books

Borrower of the Night       (1973)           

Street of the Five Moons  (1978)           

Silhouette in Scarlet           (1983)           

Trojan Gold  (1987)           

Night Train to Memphis    (1994)           

Laughter of the Dead Kings          (2008)           

Amelia Peabody Books

Crocodile on the Sandbank          (1975)           

The Curse of the Pharaohs           (1981)           

The Mummy Case   (1985)           

Lion in the Valley     (1986)           

The Deeds of the Disturber          (1988)           

The Last Camel Died at Noon       (1991)           

The Snake, The Crocodile and the Dog  (1992)           

The Hippopotamus Pool    (1996)           

Seeing a Large Cat  (1997)           

The Ape Who Guards the Balance          (1998)           

The Falcon at the Portal    (1999)           

He Shall Thunder in the Sky          (2000)           

Lord of the Silent    (2001)           

The Golden One      (2002)           

Children of the Storm        (2003)           

Guardian of the Horizon   (2003)           

The Serpent on the Crown            (2005)           

Tomb of the Golden Bird  (2006)           

A River in the Sky    (2010)           

The Painted Queen (2017)           

Amelia Peabody Books

Chronologically, Guardian of the Horizon comes after The Ape Who Guards the Balance and before A River in the Sky, which is followed by The Falcon at the Portal.

Someone In The House Books

Someone in the House      (1981)           

Black Rainbow         (1982)           

Someone In The House Books

Black Rainbow         (1982)           

Someone in the House      (1981)           

Standalone Novels

The Master of Blacktower            (1966)           

Sons of the Wolf     (1967)           

The Jackal’s Head    (1968)           

Prince of Darkness  (1969)           

The Camelot Caper (1969)           

The Dark on the Other Side          (1970)           

The Dead Sea Ciper (1970)           

The Crying Child      (1971)           

The Night of Four Hundred Rabbits       (1971)           

Greygallows (1972)           

Witch (1973)           

House of Many Shadows  (1974)           

The Sea King’s Daughter   (1975)           

Patriot’s Dream       (1976)           

The Legend in Green Velvet         (1976)           

Wings of the Falcon           (1977)           

Devil May Care        (1977)           

Wait for What Will Come (1978)           

The Walker in Shadows     (1979)           

Summer of the Dragon      (1979)           

The Wizard’s Daughter      (1980)           

The Love Talker       (1980)           

The Copenhagen Connection       (1982)           

Here I Stay    (1983)           

The Grey Beginning            (1984)           

Be Buried in the Rain         (1985)           

Search the Shadows           (1987)           

Smoke and Mirrors (1989)           

Into the Darkness   (1990)           

Vanish with the Rose         (1992)           

Houses of Stone      (1993)           

The Dancing Floor   (1997)           

Other Worlds           (1998)           

Amelia Peabody Non-Fiction Books

Amelia Peabody’s Egypt: A Compedium            (2003)           

Non-Fiction Books

Temples, Tombs & Hieroglyphs   (1964)           

Red Land, Black Land         (1966)

List of books by Elizabeth Peters

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Elizabeth Peters.

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