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List of books by Elizabeth Linington / Dell Shannon

List of Books Elizabeth Linington / Dell Shannon with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Elizabeth Linington / Dell Shannon. Find my selection in date order of Elizabeth Linington / Dell Shannon.

Elizabeth Linington / Dell Shannon List of Books to Read

Lieutenant Luis Mendoza Series (as by Dell Shannon) Books

Case Pending           (1960)           

Ace of Spades          (1960)           

Extra Kill        (1961)           

Knave of Hearts       (1962)           

Death of a Busy Body         (1963)           

Double Bluff (1963)           

Mark of Murder      (1964)           

Root of All Evil         (1964)           

The Death-Bringers            (1965)           

Death by Inches      (1965)           

Coffin Corner           (1966)           

With a Vengeance  (1966)           

Chance to Kill           (1966)           

Rain with Violence  (1967)           

Kill with Kindness    (1968)           

Crime on Their Hands        (1969)           

Schooled to Kill        (1969)           

Unexpected Death (1970)           

Whim to Kill (1971)           

The Ringer    (1972)           

Murder with Love   (1972)           

With Intent to Kill   (1973)           

No Holiday for Crime          (1973)           

Spring of Violence   (1973)           

Crime File      (1974)           

Deuces Wild (1975)           

Streets of Death      (1976)           

Appearances of Death       (1977)           

Cold Trail       (1978)           

Felony at Random  (1979)           

Felony File    (1980)           

Murder Most Strange        (1981)           

The Motive on Record       (1982)           

Exploit of Death      (1983)           

Destiny of Death     (1984)           

Chaos of Crime        (1985)           

Blood Count (1986)           

Vic Varallo Books

Borrowed Alibi         (1961)           

Run to Evil    (1964)           

Detective’s Due       (1966)           

The Nameless Ones            (1967)           

Wine of Violence     (1970)           

Malicious Mischief (1971)           

Scenes of Crime       (1976)           

A Dream Apart         (1978)           

The Hunters and the Hunted       (1979)           

A Choice of Crimes  (1980)           

Random Death        (1982)           

Crime for Christmas           (1984)           

Chain of Violence    (1985)           

Jesse Falkenstein Books


A Case for Appeal    (1962)           

Against the Evidence          (1963)           

My Name Is Death  (1965)           

Some Avenger, Rise!          (1967)           

A Serious Investigation      (1969)           

In the Death of a Man       (1970)           

Paper Chase (1972)           

Blind Search (1977)           

Look Back on Death           (1978)           

Motive in Shadow   (1980)           

The Miser      (1981)           

Little Boy Lost          (1983)           

Ivor Maddox Books

Date With Death     (1966)           

Crime by Chance     (1973)           

Perchance of Death            (1977)           

Consequence of Crime       (1980)           

Standalone Novels

Nightmare    (1962)           

Greenmask! (1964)           

No Evil Angel            (1965)           

Something Wrong  (1968)           

Policeman’s Lot       (1969)           

Practice to Deceive (1971)           

No Villain Need Be  (1979)           

Skeletons in the Closet      (1982)           

Felony Report          (1984)           

Wind of Life  (1985)           

Strange Felony        (1986)           

The Scalpel and the Sword           (1987)           

Alter Ego       (1988)           

The Dispossessed    (1988)           

The Manson Curse  (1990)           

Sorrow to the Grave          (1992)                       

List of books by Elizabeth Linington / Dell Shannon

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Elizabeth Linington / Dell Shannon.

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