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List of books by Eileen Wilks

List of Books Eileen Wilks with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Eileen Wilks. Find my selection in date order of Eileen Wilks books.

Eileen Wilks List of Books to Read

Just A Little Bit Books

Just a Little Bit Pregnant   (1998)           

Just a Little Bit Married     (1998)           


Way Out West Books

Midnight Cinderella            (1999)           

At Midnight Books

Midnight Promises (2000)           

Midnight Choices    (2003)           

Meeting At Midnight         (2004)           

Year Of Loving Dangerously Books

Night of No Return (2000)           

Tall, Dark and Eligible Books

Jacob’s Proposal      (2001)           

Luke’s Promise         (2001)           

Michael’s Temptation        (2001)           

Fortunes Of Texas Books

The Pregnant Heiress         (2001)           

Dynasties: The Connellys Books

Expecting… and In Danger           (2002)           

Romancing The Crown Books

Her Lord Protector (2002)           

Dynasties: The Barones Books

With Private Eyes    (2003)           

World Of The Lupi Books

Tempting Danger    (2004)           

Mortal Danger         (2005)           

Blood Lines   (2007)           

Night Season            (2008)           

Mortal Sins   (2009)           

Blood Magic (2009)           

Blood Challenge      (2011)           

Death Magic (2011)           

Human Error            (2011)           

Mortal Ties   (2012)           

Ritual Magic (2013)           

Unbinding     (2014)           

Dragon Spawn         (2016)           

Dragon Blood           (2018)           

Lupi Short Stories

Originally Human    (2012)           

Inhuman       (2012)           

Human Nature         (2015)           

Mind Magic  (2015)           

Mantalk Books

Meeting at Midnight          (2004)           

Dynasties: The Ashtons Books

Entangled     (2005)           

Standalone Novels

The Loner and the Lady     (1996)           

The Wrong Wife      (1997)           

Cowboys Do It Best            (1997)           

The Virgin and the Outlaw            (1998)           

Proposition, Marriage       (1999)           

Short Story Collections

Rough Around the Edges  (1998)           

All I Want for Christmas    (2000)           

Broken Silence         (2003)           

Lover Beware           (2003)           

Cravings        (2004)           

Entangled / A Rare Sensation      (2005)           

On the Prowl            (2007)           

Inked  (2010)           

Tied with a Bow       (2011)           

Omnibus Books

To Tame a Texan     (1998)           

Charmed       (1999)           

Millionaire’s Marriage Deal          (2002)           

Taming Blackhawk / Michael’s Temptation      (2002)           

Expecting… and in Danger / Cherokee Marriage Dare           (2003)           

With Private Eyes / Thorn’s Challenge   (2004)           

With Private Eyes / Passionately Ever After     (2004)           

Meeting at Midnight / Bed of Sand        (2004)           

His Virgin Temptress          (2006)           

Her Rescuer  (2006)           

In Bed and Married!           (2006)           

The Connellys           (2007)           

Love – From His Point of View      (2009)           

List of books by Eileen Wilks

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the AuthorEileen Wilks.

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