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List of books by Edward S. Aarons

List of Books Edward S. Aarons with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Edward S. Aarons. Find my selection in date order of Edward S. Aarons books.

Edward S. Aarons List of Books to Read

Sam Durell Books

Assignment to Disaster     (1955)           

Assignment Treason           (1956)           

Assignment Suicide            (1956)           

Assignment Stell Marni     (1957)           

Assignment Budapest        (1957)           

Assignment Angelina         (1958)           

Assignment Madeleine      (1958)           

Assignment Carlotta Cortez         (1959)           

Assignment Helene (1959)           

Assignment Lili Lamaris     (1959)           

Assignment Zoraya (1960)           

Assignment Mara Tirana   (1960)           

Assignment Lowlands        (1961)           

Assignment Burma Girl     (1961)           

Assignment Ankara (1961)           

Assignment Karachi            (1962)           

Assignment Sorrento Siren           (1962)           

Assignment Manchurian Doll       (1963)           

Assignment the Girl in the Gondola       (1964)           

Assignment Sulu Sea          (1964)           

Assignment the Cairo Dancers     (1965)           

Assignment School for Spies        (1966)           

AssignmentCong Hai Kill    (1966)           

Assignment Palermo          (1966)           

Assignment Black Viking   (1967)           

Assignment Moon Girl       (1967)           

Assignment Nuclear Nude            (1968)           

Assignment Peking (1969)           

Assignment White Rajah  (1970)           

Assignment Star Stealers  (1970)           

Assignment Tokyo  (1971)           

Assignment Golden Girl    (1972)           

Assignment Bangkok          (1972)           

Assignment Maltese Maiden       (1972)           

Assignment Silver Scorpion          (1973)           

Assignment Ceylon (1974)           

Assignment Amazon Queen         (1974)           

Assignment Sumatra          (1974)           

Assignment Quayle Question      (1975)           

Assignment Black Gold      (1975)           

Assignment Unicorn           (1976)           

Assignment Afghan Dragon          (1976)           

Assignment Sheba  (1976)           

Assignment Tiger Devil      (1976)           

Assignment 13th Princess (1977)           

Assignment Mermaid        (1979)           

Assignment Tyrant’s Bride            (1980)           

Assignment Death Ship     (1983)           

Standalone Novels

No Place to Live aka Lady, The Guy Is Dead      (1947)           

Terror in the Town  (1947)           

Gift of Death            (1948)           

Nightmare    (1948)           

The Art Studio Murders    (1950)           

Dead Heat     (1950)           

Escape to Love         (1982)           

Come Back, My Love          (1953)           

The Sinners   (1953)           

Girl on the Run        (1954)           

They All Ran Away  (1955)           

Point of Peril            (1956)           

Hell to Eternity        (1960)           

The Defenders         (1961)           

List of books by Edward S. Aarons

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the AuthorEdward S. Aarons.

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