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List of books by Edna O’Brien

List of Books Edna O’Brien with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Edna O’Brien. Find my selection in date order ofEdna O’Brien books.

Edna O’Brien List of Books to Read

Country Girls Books

The Country Girls    (1960)           

The Lonely Girl         (1962)           

Girls in Their Married Bliss            (1963)           

Standalone Novels

August Is a Wicked Month           (1965)           

Casualties of Peace (1966)           

A Pagan Place          (1970)           

Zee and Co    (1971)           

Night  (1972)           

Johnny I Hardly Knew You (1977)           

The Dazzle    (1981)           

The Rescue   (1983)           

The High Road         (1988)           

On the Bone (1989)           

Time and Tide          (1992)           

House of Splendid Isolation          (1994)           

Down by the River  (1996)           

Wild Decembers      (1999)           

In the Forest (2002)           

The Light of Evening           (2006)           

The Little Red Chairs          (2015)           

Girl     (2019)           


The Love Object      (1968)           

A Scandalous Woman        (1972)           

A Rose in the Heart (1978)           

Collector’s Choice   (1978)           

Returning      (1982)           

A Fanatic Heart       (1984)           

Lantern Slides          (1990)           

An Edna O’Brien Reader    (1994)           

Mrs. Reinhardt        (1996)           

Irish Revel     (1998)           

Triptych and Iphigenia       (2005)           

Poolside        (2007)           

Saints and Sinners  (2011)           


Virginia          (1985)           

Triptych         (2005)           

Haunted        (2010)           

Picture Books

A Christmas Treat   (1982)           

Short Stories/Novellas

Shovel Kings (2009)           

Paradise        (2019)           


Some Irish Loving    (1979)           

Tales for the Telling            (1986)           

Non-Fiction Books

Mother Ireland        (1976)           

James and Nora       (1981)           

Vanishing Ireland    (1990)           

James Joyce  (1999)           

Byron In Love           (2009)           

Country Girl  (2012)

List of books by Edna O’Brien

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the AuthorEdna O’Brien.

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