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List of Books Edgar Wallace with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Edgar Wallace. Find my selection in date order of Edgar Wallace.

Edgar Wallace List of Books to Read

Four Just Men Books

The Four Just Men  (1905)           

The Council of Justice        (1908)           

The Just Men of Cordova  (1917)           

The Law of the Four Just Men aka Again the Three Just Men          (1921)           

The Three Just Men            (1929)           

T. B. Smith Books

The Nine Bears        (1910)           

The Admirable Carfew       (1914)           

Commissioner Sanders Books

Sanders of the River           (1911)           

The People of the River     (1912)           

The River of Stars    (1913)           

Bosambo of the River        (1914)           

Sandi The Kingmaker         (1922)           

Sanders aka Mr. Commissioner Sanders           (1926)           

Again Sanders          (1928)           

The Keepers of the King’s Peace  (1930)           

Lieutenant Bones Books

Bones (1915)           

Bones in London     (1921)           

Bones of the River  (1923)           

J. G. Reeder Books

Room 13       (1924)           

The Mind of Mr. J G Reeder aka The Murder Book of J.G. Reeder  (1925)           

Terror Keep  (1927)           

The Guv’nor aka Mr. Reeder Returns    (1932)           

Mr J. G. Reeder Returns    (1932)           

Red Aces       (1932)           

Elk Books

The Fellowship of the Frog           (1925)           

The Joker aka The Colossus          (1926)           

The Twister   (1928)           

White Face   (1931)           

Educated Evans Books

Good Evans aka The Educated Man       (1926)           

More Educated Evans        (1926)           

Supt. Minter Books

Big Foot         (1927)           

The Lone House Mystery  (1929)           

Ringer Books

Again The Ringer     (1929)           

Standalone Novels

The Mission That Failed    (1898)           

Unofficial Despatches        (1901)           

Angel Esquire           (1908)           

The Duke in the Suburbs   (1909)           

Eve’s Island   (1909)           

The Cheaters            (1910)           

The Fourth Plague  (1913)           

The Man Who Bought London    (1915)           

The Clue of the Twisted Candle   (1917)           

Kate Plus 10 (1917)           

The Secret House    (1917)           

The Adventures of Heine   (1919)           

The Green Rust       (1919)           

The Man Who Knew          (1919)           

The Daffodil Mystery aka The Daffodil Murder           (1920)           

Jack o’Judgment      (1920)           

The Angel of Terror aka The Destroying Angel (1922)           

The Crimson Circle  (1922)           

Flying Fifty-five        (1922)           

The Valley of Ghosts          (1922)           

The Book of All Power        (1923)           

Captains of Souls    (1923)           

The Clue of the New Pin    (1923)           

The Missing Million            (1923)           

Double Dan aka Diana of Kara-Kara       (1924)           

The Face in the Night         (1924)           

The Sinister Man     (1924)           

The Three Oak Mystery     (1924)           

The Daughters of the Night          (1925)           

The Hairy Arm aka The Avenger  (1925)           

The Strange Countess        (1925)           

Barbara on Her Own          (1926)           

The Black Abbot      (1926)           

A Debt Discharged  (1926)           

The Door with Seven Locks           (1926)           

The Green Archer   (1926)           

The Man from Morocco    (1926)           

The Northing Tramp aka The Tramp      (1926)           

The Square Emerald aka The Girl from Scotland Yard            (1926)           

The Yellow Snake    (1926)           

Blue-Hand     (1927)           

Flat 2  (1927)           

The Forger aka The Clever One    (1927)           

The Man Who Was Nobody         (1927)           

The Mixer     (1927)           

Mr Justice Maxwell (1927)           

The Squeaker aka The Squealer   (1927)           

The Traitor’s Gate   (1927)           

The Brigand  (1928)           

The Double   (1928)           

The Gunner aka Gunman’s Bluff (1928)           

A King By Night        (1928)           

The Ringer    (1928)           

The Terrible People (1928)           

The Dark Eyes of London   (1929)           

The Flying Squad     (1929)           

For Information Received (1929)           

Four Square Jane    (1929)           

The Ghost of Down Hill      (1929)           

The Golden Hades  (1929)           

The Green Ribbon   (1929)           

The India Rubber Men       (1929)           

The Iron Grip            (1929)           

Planetoid 127          (1929)           

The Queen of Sheba’s Belt           (1929)           

The Calendar            (1930)           

The Clue of the Silver Key aka The Silver Key    (1930)           

The Day of Uniting  (1930)           

Down Under Donovan       (1930)           

The Feathered Serpent      (1930)           

The Hand of Power (1930)           

John Flack     (1930)           

The Lady of Ascot   (1930)           

Silinski – Master Criminal   (1930)           

The Thief in the Night        (1930)           

The Coat of Arms aka The Arranways Mystery            (1931)           

The Devil Man          (1931)           

The Man at the Carlton     (1931)           

On the Spot  (1931)           

The Ringer Returns (1931)           

The Frightened Lady aka The Mystery of the Frightened Lady        (1932)           

Sergeant Sir Peter aka Sergeant Dunn, C.I.D.  (1932)           

When the Gangs Came to London          (1932)           

Death Packs a Suitcase      (1961)           

King Kong      (1965)           

The Road to London           (1986)           


Writ in Barracks (poems)  (1900)           

Heroes All     (1914)           

The Trial of the Seddons   (1924)           

The Governor of Chi-Foo   (1933)           

Circumstantial Evidence    (1934)           

Fighting Snub Reilly            (1934)           

Nig-nog         (1934)           

The Sooper   (1984)           

The Death Room     (1986)           

Classic Crime Stories          (1995)           


The Orator    (1928)           

Non-Fiction Books

The Standard History of the War            (1914)           

The War of the Nations     (1914)           

Kitchener’s Army and the Territorial Forces     (1915)           

This England (1927)           

People           (1929)           

Great Stories of Real Life  (1930)

List of books by Edgar Wallace

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the AuthorEdgar Wallace.

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