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List of Books Ed Gorman with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Ed Gorman. Find my selection in date order of Ed Gorman books.

Ed Gorman List of Books to Read

Jack Dwyer Books

Rough Cut     (1985)           

New, Improved Murder    (1985)           

Murder Straight Up            (1986)           

Murder in the Wings          (1986)           

The Autumn Dead   (1987)           

A Cry of Shadows    (1990)           

What the Dead Men Say   (1990)           

The Reason Why     (1992)           

Tobin Books

Murder on the Aisle           (1987)           

Several Deaths Later          (1988)           

Leo Guild Books

Guild  (1987)           

Death Ground          (1988)           

Blood Game (1989)           

Dark Trail      (1991)           

Jack Walsh Books

The Night Remembers       (1991)           

Robert Payne Books

Blood Moon (1994)           

Hawk Moon  (1995)           

Harlot’s Moon         (1997)           

Voodoo Moon         (2000)           

Sam McCain Books

The Day the Music Died    (1998)           

Wake Up Little Susie          (1999)           

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow            (2000)           

Save the Last Dance for Me         (2001)           

Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool      (2002)           

Breaking Up is Hard to Do (2004)           

Fools Rush In           (2007)           

Ticket to Ride           (2009)           

Bad Moon Rising     (2011)           

Riders on the Storm           (2014)           

Cavalry Man Books

The Killing Machine            (2005)           

Powder Keg  (2006)           

Doom Weapon        (2007)           

Dev Mallory Books

Bad Money   (2005)           

Fast Track     (2006)           

Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein Books

City of Night (2005)           

Dev Conrad Books

Sleeping Dogs          (2008)           

Stranglehold (2010)           

Blindside       (2011)           

Flashpoint     (2013)           

Elimination   (2015)           

Kolchak: The Night Stalker Books

Passages of the Macabre  (2016)           

Standalone Novels

Daddy’s Little Girl   (1985)           

Toys in the Attic      (1986)           

Night Caller  (1987)           

Grave’s Retreat       (1989)           

The Babysitter         (1989)           

The Black Moon      (1989)           

Night of Shadows   (1990)           

Nightmare Child      (1990)           

Serpent’s Kiss           (1992)           

Robin in I, Werewolf          (1992)           

The Long Midnight (1992)           

Shadow Games       (1993)           

I, Werewolf  (1993)           

Wolf Moon   (1993)           

The Sharpshooter   (1993)           

Cold Blue Midnight (1995)           

The Marilyn Tapes  (1995)           

The Fugitive Stars   (1995)           

The First Lady          (1995)           

Black River Falls       (1996)           

Night Screams         (1996)           

Cage of Night           (1996)           

Runner in the Dark (1996)           

Zone Soldiers           (1996)           

Gundown      (1997)           

The Poker Club        (1997)           

Senatorial Privilege (1997)           

The Silver Scream   (1998)           

Trouble Man            (1998)           

Daughter of Darkness        (1998)           

I Know What the Night Knows    (1999)           

Senatorial Privelege           (1999)           

Ride into Yesterday            (1999)           

Storm Riders            (1999)           

Lawless          (2000)           

Blackmail and Lace (2001)           

Ghost Town  (2001)           

Vendetta       (2002)           

Rituals           (2002)           

Relentless     (2003)           

Lynched         (2003)           

Gun Truth     (2003)           

Branded        (2004)           

Two Guns to Yuma (2005)           

Shoot First    (2006)           

A Knock at the Door           (2007)           

The Midnight Room           (2009)           

The Girl in the Attic            (2012)           

The Man From Nightshade Valley           (2012)           

The Prodigal Gun    (2012)           

Now You See Her    (2014)           

Run to Midnight      (2016)           

Short Stories/Novellas

Out There in the Darkness            (1995)           

Cast in Dark Waters           (2002)           

Survival          (2012)           

Dirty Coppers           (2012)           

Yesterday and the Day Before     (2012)           

Brothers        (2015)           

Short Story Collections

Dark Whispers         (1988)           

Prisoners       (1988)           

Best Western Stories of Ed Gorman      (1992)           

Criminal Intent 1     (1993)           

Moonchasers           (1995)           

Legend           (1999)           

Famous Blue Raincoat       (1999)           

The Dark Fantastic  (2001)           

Crooks, Crimes, and Christmas    (2003)           

The Long Ride Back            (2004)           

Different Kinds of Dead and Other Tales           (2005)           

Out There in the Darkness            (2007)           

Moving Coffin          (2007)           

The End of It All       (2009)           

The Phantom Chronicles, Vol. 2  (2010)           

Noir 13          (2010)           

Scream Queen and Other Tales of Menace      (2014)           

Dead Man’s Gun     (2015)           

A Disgrace to the Badge    (2015)           

Enemies         (2015)           

The Long Ride Back and Other Western Stories          (2015)           

Shadow Games and Other Sinister Stories of Show Business          (2016)           

Cemetery Dance Select     (2016)           

Cat Crimes Anthologies

Cat Crimes I  (1991)           

Cat Crimes II (1992)           

Cat Crimes III            (1992)           

Cat Crimes for the Holidays          (1995)           

Cat Crimes Takes a Vacation        (1995)           

Cat Crimes Through Time  (1999)           

World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories Books

The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: First Annual Collection    (2000)           

The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: Second Annual Collection            (2001)           

The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories Third Annual Collection    (2002)           

The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: Fifth Annual Collection    (2004)           

Murder Most… Anthologies Books

Murder Most Feline           (2001)           



The Black Lizard Anthology of Crime Fiction    (1987)           

The Second Black Lizard Anthology of Crime Fiction  (1988)           

Stalkers         (1989)           

Under the Gun        (1990)           

Night Kills      (1990)           

Dark Crimes  (1991)           

Invitation to Murder          (1991)           

Solved            (1991)           

Dark Crimes 2          (1993)           

Predators      (1993)           

Danger in DC            (1993)           

The Fine Art of Murder      (1993)           

Feline and Famous (1994)           

A Modern Treasury of Great Detective and Murder Mysteries       (1994)           

Gunslinger    (1994)           

Woman on the Beat           (1995)           

The Year’s 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories         (1997)           

American Pulp         (1997)           

The Fatal Frontier   (1997)           

Love Kills       (1997)           

The UFO Files           (1998)           

Once Upon a Crime            (1998)           

The Best of the American West   (1998)           

The Big Book of Noir          (1998)           

The Year’s 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories: Seventh Annual Edition            (1999)           

Future Crimes          (1999)           

Pure Pulp      (1999)           

The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories            (2000)           

The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories II        (2000)           

Sleuths of the Century       (2000)           

Star Colonies            (2000)           

Felonious Felines    (2000)           

Such a Good Girl     (2001)           

Pulp Masters            (2001)           

Desperadoes            (2001)           

Guns of the West    (2002)           

The Blue and Gray Undercover   (2002)           

Kittens, Cats and Crime     (2003)           

Stagecoach   (2003)           

Texas Rangers          (2004)           

The Adventure of the Missing Detective           (2005)           

The Widow of Slane           (2006)           

The Deadly Bride     (2006)           

Wolf Woman Bay   (2007)           

A Prisoner of Memory       (2008)           

Between the Dark and the Daylight       (2009)           

By Hook or By Crook          (2010)           

On Dangerous Ground      (2011)           

The Interrogator     (2012)           

Graphic Novels

Trapped         (1993)           

Non-Fiction Books

The Dean Koontz Companion      (1994)           

Speaking of Murder           (1998)           

They’re Here…         (1999)           

Invasion of the Body Snatchers   (2006)           

Writing Crime Fiction         (2012)           

Death of a Translator         (2017)

List of books by Ed Gorman

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the AuthorEd Gorman.

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