Easy Buying Guide For The Best Magnetic Drainage Cover Lifter

All You Need to Know About Best Magnetic Drainage Cover Lifter

Working with and using heavy machinery can be daunting if you’re unsure of how to operate them expertly. Even more so when it comes to purchasing tools you need for the job. Good thing a magnetic pit lifter is no “heavy machinery” in the literal sense of the word. But it does carry heavier-than-itself objects. 

Looking for one won’t take you too long, as long as you do your shopping with these guidelines at hand. 

Magnetic Lid Lifter Buying Guide 

1. Magnet Lift Weight 

Have a simple itemized list of the types of drainage covers you and your team usually come across. How much do they weigh? What of their circumference? What about lid width? These will give you a good idea of what magnet lift weight to go for. 

Lifter magnets vary from a range that falls anywhere between 330 lbs to 900 lbs. Magnets with a lower lift weight are ideally used for lighter drainage lids, whereas higher lift weights are for their heavier counterparts. 

This should be among the first variables to watch out for when doing your cover-lifter shopping. 

2. Handle Type And Size 

There are three basic handle types, and they vary according to size and folding operation. One of the most common ones is the lifter with a single vertical stem, two handles at the top, and a magnet pad at its base. 

Another is the “nano”, which functions similarly to the first. Only, its stem is thinner, and its magnets have a lower intensity as well. 

The third is the compass-type. Unlike the first two, it has two stems that stand in an inverted “V”. Also, its handles are extended in length and are a part of the folding mechanism of this apparatus. 

A compass lifters’ stems have two magnet bases (one for each stem). Its magnets are typically low in intensity but are ideal for lids that have a wider radius than average. 

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3. Magnetic Base Diameter

Take note of the magnetic base diameter or of a lid lifter when considering the radius of a lid. This variable should be coupled with what we’ve mentioned on number 1 regarding magnet lift weight. 

Wider magnetic base diameter is for lids with wider circumferences. This way, the lid will not sway unevenly and cause difficulty when you lift it from the drainage hole.

4. Magnet Type And/Or Number Of Magnetic Pads 

Magnet type is the very core of a cover lifter. It’s what allows the gadget to function in the first place. You can ask your supplier regarding the types of magnets their products come with. At the same time, here’s a chart you can refer to: 

1 Magnet (for smaller lifters): 20kg (lifting capacity)

1 Neodymium Magnetic Pads: 32.86kg (lifting capacity)

1 Permanent Magnet: 500kg (lifting capacity)

***Multiply the kilograms based on the number of small magnets the lifter is equipped with, accordingly. 

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5. Stem Retractability And Locking Mechanism

Finally, we go to the bit about the stem that may not seem relevant to lifting. Yet it’s crucial in ensuring your safety when you use the device. We’re talking about the stem’s retractability and locking mechanism. 

You can inquire about whether it has an automatic locking mechanism or if you need to manually latch it steady to keep it from collapsing while lifting heavy objects.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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