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Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, E.L. Todd. Find my selection in date order ofE.L. Todd books.

E.L. Todd List of Books to Read

Alpha Books

Sadie  (2013)           

Elisa    (2013)           

Layla   (2014)           

Janet  (2014)           

Cassie (2014)           

Forever and Always Books

Only For You (2013)           

Edge of Love (2013)           

You Are All I’ll Ever Need   (2014)           

Having You Is Never Enough        (2014)           

Touch of Love          (2014)           

Force of Love           (2014)           

Fight for Love           (2014)           

Lover’s Roulette      (2014)           

Happily Ever After   (2014)           

The Wandering Caravan    (2014)           

Come What May     (2014)           

Again and Again      (2014)           

Lover’s Road (2014)           

Meant to Be (2014)           

Here and Now          (2014)           

Until Forever            (2014)           

New Beginnings      (2014)           

Love Conquers All   (2014)           

Love Hurts    (2014)           

The Last Time           (2014)           

Sweet Sins    (2014)           

Lost in Time  (2014)           

Closing Time (2014)           

Love Lives On           (2015)           

Soul Saga Books

Soul Catcher (2013)           

Soul Binder   (2013)           

Soul Relenter           (2014)           

Southern Love Books


Then Came Alexandra        (2014)           

Then Came Indecision        (2014)           

Then Came Absolution      (2014)           

Then Came Abby     (2014)           

Abby’s Plight            (2014)           

Hawaiian Crush Books

Connected By the Sea        (2014)           

Breaking Through the Waves       (2014)           

Connected By the Tide      (2014)           

Taking the Plunge   (2014)           

Riding the Surf         (2014)           

Caught in the Undertow   (2014)           

Lying in the Sand     (2014)           

Essence Books

Flight of Life (2014)           

Tale of Life    (2014)           

Forever and Ever Books

All I Want Is You      (2014)           

If Loving You Is Wrong       (2014)           

We Belong Together          (2015)           

You Have My Heart (2015)           

You Will Be Mine    (2015)           

Everything and More         (2015)           

Against All Odds      (2015)           

My Heart Skips A Beat       (2015)           

Nothing Is Left         (2015)           

Because Of You       (2015)           

You Make Me Weak           (2015)           

Forever With You    (2015)           

A Hole In My Heart (2015)           

My Soul Is Yours      (2015)           

I Will Follow You     (2015)           

You Will Be Alright  (2015)           

Ready For Love        (2015)           

You Are My Life       (2015)           

When You Are With Me    (2015)           

Believe In Me           (2015)           

I Will Love You         (2015)           

When Two Becomes One  (2015)           

Love Will Survive     (2015)           

I Want Your Love    (2015)           

To Be With You       (2015)           

Just For You  (2015)           

Forever Is Not Enough       (2015)           

Hold Me Close         (2015)           

In Too Deep  (2015)           

Somewhere Far Away        (2015)           

Stop At Nothing      (2015)           

You Stole My Heart            (2015)           

A Girl Like You          (2015)           

Love Me Still (2015)           

When We Fall          (2015)           

When We Break      (2015)           

I’ll Be There  (2015)           

Pieces Of Me            (2015)           

Hearts Will Beat      (2015)           

To Love Again          (2015)           

All Hope Is Lost        (2015)           

This Love       (2016)           

All That Matters      (2016)           

In My Heart  (2016)           

There You Are          (2016)           

Lost In You    (2016)           

Kiss Me There          (2016)           

Time Stands Still      (2016)           

Beautiful Entourage Books

Beautiful Entourage           (2015)           

Gorgeous Consort  (2015)           

Dark Escort   (2015)           

Dangerous Stranger           (2015)           

Seductive Guest      (2015)           

Timeless Books

Monday         (2016)           

Tuesday         (2016)           

Wednesday  (2016)           

Thursday       (2016)           

Friday (2016)           

Saturday       (2016)           

Sunday          (2016)           

Electric Books

Charge           (2016)           

Spark  (2016)           

Burn   (2016)           

Combust       (2016)           

Ray Books

Ray of Light  (2017)           

Ray of Hope  (2017)           

Ray of Love   (2017)           

Ray of Time  (2017)           

Ray of Heart (2017)           

Ray of New   (2017)           

Ray of Life     (2017)           

First Books

400 First Kisses        (2017)           

325 First Fights       (2017)           

218 First Hugs         (2017)           

Gladiators Books

Gladiator       (2017)           

Rogue            (2017)           

Standalone Novels

Into the Fire (2015)

List of books by E.L. Todd

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the AuthorE.L. Todd.

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