Dubai Attracts With Festivals In Winter

Festivals During The Winter Season in Dubai

Every year, people all around the globe rejoice at the beginning of a new year. However, as is so common, various nations have diverse customs.

The holiday pirates’ travel gurus demonstrate five strange New Year’s Eve rituals from across the globe.

Italy: Red lingerie at the turn of the year

On New Year’s Eve in Italy, red underwear is required. Because, in the new year, this custom promises love, passion, health, and happiness – and who doesn’t desire that? So on December 31st, Italian ladies and some men wear bright red lingerie. It’s vital to remember that the underwear must be both new and a gift for the tradition to work.

When it comes to dining, Southerners are superstitious as well: a warm lentil dish with pig knuckle is customarily served around midnight. The little legumes resemble coins and are said to represent money blessings, ensuring success and fortune in the next year.

Brazil: Seven wave jumps at Copacabana

Brazilians spend the turn of the year on the beach when the weather is nice. They burn candles of various colours here, with white representing purity and serenity, yellow representing new year prosperity, and red representing love and passion. Put on matching coloured underpants if you want even greater luck in the new year.

The white-clad revellers leap over precisely seven waves in the open sea at midnight. Each wave signifies an unrestricted New Year’s desire. Brazilian women, in particular, float little wooden boats into the sea laden with flowers and sweets to worship the sea goddess Yemanja. The customary consumption of feijoada, a bean stew, brings even greater success in the next year.

Scotland: Hot Pint, Black Bun and Auld Lang Syne

Scotland is the place to go if you’re searching for more than simply a night of partying. The New Year’s Eve celebration, also known as Hogmanay, lasts three days, from New Year’s Eve to the morning of January 2nd. Evening torchlight processions proceed through the celebratory transition into the new year, accompanied by bagpipe music. Toast with Scotch whiskey or a traditional hot pint made with whiskey, beer, and eggs. The gratinated black bun fruit bread and haggis, filled sheep’s guts, are two of Scotland’s gastronomic specialities. The Schott:innen perform the well-known song “Auld Lang Syne” just in time for the start of the new year.

They must, however, exercise caution while selecting their visitors: the more pleasant the visitor who is the first to enter the residence, the happier the resident will be the following year.

Spain: Twelve grapes at midnight

Spaniards traditionally celebrate December 31 with their family, enjoying delicious cuisine, fine wine, and a relaxing environment. The grape supper at midnight is perhaps the most significant custom. At midnight, twelve grapes – one for each chime – are eaten as soon as the clock chimes in the new year. The final bell must consume all fruits to ensure a prosperous and happy year ahead, according to custom. But don’t worry if you don’t live near a tower clock; the chimes will be carried live on television throughout Spain.

Another New Year’s Eve ritual is the traditional toast with champagne glasses, however in Spain, the glasses contain not just sparkling water, but also a golden ring as a fortunate charm.

Ecuador: All evil is burned

Is it possible to just delete all of the terrible memories from the previous year? Ecuadorians physically conduct this New Year’s Eve ritual at the conclusion of the previous year. Because any negative memories are easily disposed of here. Photos, human-sized figurines constructed of wood and paper, such as famous persons, and all types of paper memories are thrown into the great fire at midnight. Ecuadorians celebrate with their whole family in the public squares of their cities until the early hours of the morning, with jubilant dancing, singing, and lots of food.

Another practise is to march around the streets with an empty bag at the start of the new year, which is thought to bring successful trips and experiences the following year.

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