Donald Trump Meets Barack Obama, Calls him “A Good Man”

Donald Trump calls Obama “A Good Man” after Meeting Him

President-elect Donald Trump was a guest of the White House as he met face to face with Barack Obama for the first time. As the most powerful man in the world discussed issues with the man chosen to replace him, the two had to forget their past antagonisms. This meeting is important in ensuring a smooth transition.

It is only three days ago when Barack Obama said he could not trust Trump to control the codes for launching nuclear weapons. But in the Thursday meeting, the first African-American president told Mr.Trump that he wants him to succeed. He said that he would do anything for the sake of a smooth transition.

This meeting resulted in Mr.Trump seeing another side of Mr.Obama. At the end of their discussion, he said that Obama is “a very good man.” He added that he would seek his counsel in future.

Mr.Obama, on the other hand, said that it is his priority to see a smooth change of power. “My No. 1 priority in the next two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our President-elect is successful,” he said.

He went on to explain that the success of Donald Trump is a success to the country.

Sudden Change in the Country

This extraordinary meeting was an indication of how fast and sudden the country’s political mood has changed. It is a significant shift from high tensions of the pre-poll campaigns and the reality of the election results.

This is a meeting that Trump said was to take 10 minutes but took 90 minutes. He thanked the president and said it is an honor to him. It was unclear of his implications when he said that President Obama had spoken of “some high-flying assets.”

This meeting and his new approach to matters signify how the President-elect has started to feel the burden of being POTUS. The process will particularly be a challenge to him given that he is the first non-political president. Neither does he have any military and diplomatic past.

Reince Preibus has been mentioned on many occasions that he may be the next chief of staff at White House. He said that Americans will be able to see how effective Trump can work.

Priebus said, “I hope that everyone has seen sort of this presidential Donald Trump that we knew all along was up to the task and I think is going to make us all proud.”

 The Transition will be Smooth

It is now apparent that Mr.Obama seeks to give Mr.Trump a smooth transition, the same as the one he got from former President George W. Bush. He seeks to ensure that none of his staff shows animosity as this would negatively impact his legacy.

Michelle Obama and Melania Meeting

As the President-elect continued with the meeting, his wife was holding a conversation with the president’s wife.

The two also described their meeting a success and looked forward to working together.

Was the Meetings Necessary?

Yes it was. The symbolic gesture of an outgoing president meeting a president-elect is always a powerful one. This one was particularly vital considering the bitter history between them.

Throughout his 8 years of presidency, Donald Trump was always a fierce critic. The new direction that the two are taking may just be what the country needs. These elections were one of the most polarizing.

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