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Donald Harington, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best Donald Harington quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find Donald Harington’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer Donald Harington made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favorites: 

About Donald Harington

Donald Harington was one of America’s greatest fiction writers. His fifteen novels have been described as jubilant, lyrical, foxy, captivating, delicate, bawdy, playful, reckless, joyful, courageous. He depicts a rich, eccentric, rural society in Stay More, Arkansas, a fictional hamlet where myth, dreamscape, and sharply observed speech and manners blend. All fifteen novels–from the classic Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks, the redemptive Choiring of the Trees, the love story With, and the concluding novel Enduring, published just two months before Mr. Harington died–are now available as The Complete Novels of Donald Harington, a must-have collection for all those who want to read the best, authentic, contemporary American writing.

Born: December 22, 1935, Little Rock, AR, The United States
Died: November 07, 2009

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Popular Quotes

“Words themselves are all the ghosts we need.”
― Donald Harington, Ekaterina

 “Jacob realized that if she kept on going like that he might very well cry out himself. But just then a voice outside the wagon called “JAKE! AIR YE IN THAR?” and he knew it was Sarah. “ANSWER ME!” she requested, so he did. “Yeah, I’m in here, but I’ll be right out.” He was bucking beneath the weight of Virdie in an effort to finish. “WHAT’RE YE DOIN IN THAR, JAKE?” Sarah wanted to know. “I’m havin words-” he panted “-with this here Rebel foe.” He was nearly there, although he realized that the wagon must be visibly shaking. Virdie suddenly stuffed her dress into her mouth, but it was not enough to keep another one of her long groans from coming out. “JAKE!” Sarah hollered. “YOU AINT A-HURTING HER, AIR YE?” “Jist a little,” he answered, “to teach her a lesson.” And then he got there, rapturously, reflecting, Godalmighty, if I could git this reg’lar, maybe I’d jine the Rebels after all.”
― Donald Harington, The Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks

“This Man, our Man, was not even of any kinship to those ancient folk of Stay More; He was a furriner, from distant parts, an outlander, a newcomer, even if He had lived in Holy House longer than all but the oldest roosterroaches could remember. Doc Swain was one of these: he could remember, as a child, nearly two years before, watching Man move into the old Stay More Hotel, which had once been the home for human Ingledews before becoming a hotel, and had been abandoned for years before Man moved into it and installed the Fabulous Fridge and the pantry and breadbasket and grocery sack and other good things. Although the Man did not dress like the ancient Men of Stay More, or talk like Them, or practice Their customs, He was still Man, and the only Man we had. He might not be as Almighty as the Crustians thought He was, but He was the Lord.”
― Donald Harington, The Nearly Complete Works of Donald Harington, Volume 1

 “Eli Willard just looked at her for a long moment, and then he announced, ‘Lady of the Lake strikes iceberg in mid-Atlantic; 215 drown. New York City fire destroys 700 buildings. Japanese earthquake kills 12,000. Worldwide cholera epidemic kills millions. Wages rise, but prices rise faster. Financial crash occurs on Van Buren’s 36th day in office. Nation begins first great depression. Bank failures and closings spread like plague. 200,000 are unemployed. Business bankrupt; only pawnbrokers prosper. Van Buren declares ten-hour days on all federal jobs. There. Does that make you feel any better?”
― Donald Harington, The Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks

 “Man had a habit of routinely taking up and firing a revolver at the roosterroaches who dwelt in His house, with westerly accuracy depending on how much He had had to drink. Other ministers before Brother Tichborne had determined that this shooting and westering of chosen roosterroaches was both a form of punishment and an expression of Man’s love, and therefore the shooting, or the act of being shot, was called not a westering but a Rapture.”
― Donald Harington, The Nearly Complete Works of Donald Harington, Volume 1

 “Major: you have the honor to report that the numbers of men now under your command qualifies you for promotion to colonel. But you ask me to believe that your regiments assaulted Rebel forces in a pitched battle of over two hours duration, all the while steadily employing the heavy field pieces recently shipped to you, without one single battle death on either side. Sir, that is not warfare. That is fraternization with the enemy!”
― Donald Harington, The Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks

“If you are destined to become a writer, you can’t help it. If you can help it, you aren’t destined to become a writer. The frustrations and disappointments, not even to mention the unspeakable loneliness, are too unbearable for anyone who doesn’t have a deep sense of being unable to avoid writing.”
― Donald Harington

 “Stay More’ is synonymous with ‘Status Quo’ in fact, there are people who believe, or who like to believe, that the name of the town was intended as an entreaty, beseeching the past to remain present.”
― Donald Harington, The Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks

“There is a popular saying, “More rare than pine is the smell of pining”—which is rare indeed, for there are few pine trees in this part of the Ozarks.”
― Donald Harington, The Nearly Complete Works of Donald Harington, Volume 1

“This here will be the future tense and you will be able to do anything you will like in it.”
― Donald Harington, With

10 Famous Quotes by Author Donald Harington

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One Final Bonus – Donald Harington Quote 

“The only grown-up other than Jacob who ever came into his schoolroom was Eli Willard.

School was in session one day when the Connecticut itinerant reappeared after long absence, bringing Jacob’s glass and other merchandise. Jacob seized him and presented him to the class. ‘Boys and girls, this specimen here is a Peddler. You don’t see them very often. They migrate, like the geese flying over. This one comes maybe once a year, like Christmas. But he ain’t dependable, like Christmas. He’s dependable like rainfall. A Peddler is a feller who has got things you ain’t got, and he’ll give ’em to ye, and then after you’re glad you got ’em he’ll tell ye how much cash money you owe him fer ’em. If you ain’t got cash money, he’ll give credit, and collect the next time he comes ’round, and meantime you work hard to git the money someway so’s ye kin pay him off. Look at his eyes. Notice how they are kinder shiftly-like. Now, class, the first question is: why is this feller’s eyes shiftly-like?”
― Donald Harington, The Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks

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