Does consuming THC-O help you be in a joyous mood?

Cannabis products have been growing tremendously for the past few decades for recreational purposes and their remarkable medicinal properties. The Farm Bill has indirectly allowed the industry to sell cannabis products containing cannabinoids with psychoactive effects.

Hence, one of these new compounds, THC-O, which provides these effects, is getting the interest of cannabis consumers. However, its legality and safety are still a concern.

Having a constant tussle with anxiety, depression, stress, and mood disorders can lead to a strenuous life. THC-O is a cosmically powerful, borderline psychedelic derivative of cannabis and is 300 times more potent than other variants of THC that can elevate mood and provide therapeutic effects.

The promise of a cannabinoid with such potency is a boon to consumers. So, let us look deeper into the variant and know more about how it can help elevate mood. In this article, we will be focussing on the health benefits of THC-O. But, before that, let us know what THC-O is.

What is THC-O?

THC-O acetate or THC-O is a chemically derived cannabinoid that is psychoactive and has mobilizing effects. The extraction process is strenuous, and only a highly skilled cannabis tech can safely manufacture it.

It is impossible to make THC-o at home as acetate anhydride, a component in the drug that is highly flammable and potentially explosive. So, it is advisable to buy it from a trusted source.

The process includes extracting CBD from hemp, removing Delta-8, and adding acetic anhydride. The end product obtained is THC-O.

THC-O acetate is a potent drug. Hence, it is biologically inactive until the body metabolizes it. Once the body metabolizes it, what’s left is essentially just delta-9.

It produces the same kind of high as other forms of THCs but is much more psychedelic. The added acetate group makes it substantially more potent than other forms of THCs.

How does THC-O help you be in a joyous mood?

The immune system and the nervous system communicate continuously and impact people’s mental and emotional health. Being in a good mood is a big part of how you choose to behave and think.

A negative frame of mind can constrain you from tackling simple problems. So what’s the solution? THC-O can help you to elevate your mood by providing relief from several factors that affect your mental health. Let us quickly look into these facts.

1. Stress Relief and Anti-anxiety

Stress is a body’s response to pressure. THC-O manipulates the ECS by building endocannabinoid receptors and reducing anxiety and stress disorders.

It also helps in social anxiety disorders. Hence, whenever you are socializing, you don’t feel nervous and automatically lift your mood by affecting the serotonin levels in the brain. It is an alternative for antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.

2. Provides better sleep

A good mood highly depends on the sleep condition. THC-O can help you get a good night’s sleep by tackling the root causes of insomnia, whether you have a sleep disorder or you’re having difficulty sleeping after a stressful day. It is essential for maintaining our physical and mental health.

It assists you into the “deep sleep” state. This “deep sleep” state of sleeping is a more sanative, restful part of the sleep cycle.

3. Provides a spiritual experience

THC-O is also known as “the spiritual cannabinoid” as it offers unique psychoactive properties that go above what other forms of THCs offer. Hence, if anyone is looking for spiritual experience, THC-O is the best for them.

It provides a sense of comfort with a feel of touch with our spirituality, helping us to connect nature to human beings. It expands our conscious mind, leading to a feeling of oneness with the world and being supported by a powerful force. Hence, spirituality helps in elevating mood with a higher sense of purpose, peace, hope, and meaning.

4. Inner work and introspection

The high produced by THC-O can help us introspect and do inner work. It gives a rare opportunity to step inside our minds and reflect on our experiences, mental health, and patterns.

This introspection might help make positive changes in our lives and help us grow. It triggers the part of the brain with emotional trauma and makes these more malleable to create palpable changes in how we think and feel for better.

But this doesn’t help when in a sober state as ways of thinking and behaving are rigid and based on repetition. This positive impact on your life keeps your mood happy and joyous.

5. Other potential therapeutic uses

THC-O has potential therapeutic uses and has the distinctive ability to bind to cannabinoids that regulate individual processes of the body. It can produce a high that one has never experienced through other cannabinoids.

A person does not experience “couchlock”: a term attributed when unable to leave the couch due to physical lethargy. One can move comfortably and engage in various physical activities while still experiencing a high.

 Hence, you experience a psychedelic world with hallucinations making your mood better.        

Effects of THC-O

The potential repercussions of THC-O are three times more potent than delta-9. It could be a beneficial isomer for managing chronic pain, anxiety, or insomnia. Users experience psychedelic effects, mild hallucinations, visuals, consciousness, joy, and relaxation.

It is “heavier” than other versions of THC and produces a heavy stone that can zone out the user for up to a few hours. The experience is enjoyable and insightful but can make you uncomfortable if it does not suit you. But there has not been any reported case of overdose on this cannabinoid.

Correct Dose of THC-O

There is no optimal dose of THC-O. But since it is three times more potent than delta-9, the dosage would be one-third of the dosage you would generally take for consuming other THC products.

It is better to start with the threshold dose, 3mg oral or 0.5mg when smoked or vaped. Wait and note down how THC-O affects your body before taking higher doses. Slowly increase the dosage. Never attempt higher dosages if you are not familiar with THCs.


Hence, we saw how THCs affect our mental health and keep our mood joyous in time now and then. It is readily available and cost-effective. It is safe and accessible online or in some local shops for purchase.

Check if the product has COA as this marks the assurance of third-party lab tests and other similar tests that is necessary. Since it is unregulated, the consumer must review it before buying the product. It is advisable to purchase these products from a reputed company as it has the best products with guaranteed quality and affirmations. 

THC-O is a rise of another THC analog, and its use will keep growing. THC-O for mood upliftment is the best choice and gives you an escape from reality. So if one hasn’t tried it out yet, one can go and grab some!

The information in this article is intended to be general in nature. It’s not intended to be a substitute for medical advice in any way from a healthcare professional. Any claims made in the article are untested. Unwrapped encourages you to make any treatment decisions with your healthcare professional.

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