Do You Want To Make Your Property Pest Free? Know Things That Attract Pests Inside

Make Your Property Pest Free

Ensuring a clean and healthy environment around you is often not easy. It becomes more complex when your property has pest infestation issues. The unhealthy condition of your property affects everyone in the environment – including your family members and pets – and therefore, you can’t take pests infestation issues lightly.

Based on the change of season and weather, the issues of pests can escalate or reduce. However, you can control the pests in and around your property by focusing on what attracts them to your property. You can focus on those things and make your property safe and secure for you and your family.

Clutter In The Property

If you have a big pile of cardboard, trash, newspapers, or anything else that are unattended, they can be safe havens for pests to hide and multiply. Especially cockroaches, termites, and silverfish feed newspapers and cardboards considering their love for cellulose. You should sell or dispose of things that are unwanted for you.

If you want to keep certain papers, books, letters or documents, use air-tight, enclosed storages. Instead of using paper cardboard boxes, you can try choosing plastic storage containers that are long-lasting and free of pest issues.

Cracks, Openings, And Unsealed Windows

Pests usually make their ways to your home through cracks, holes, and unsealed windows. Make a thorough inspection around your property, including the foundation and the walls near windows and doors. If you spot any cracks or holes, seal them with caulk or other sealing materials to prevent the entry of flies, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, and other pests.

Do You Want To Make Your Property Pest Free? Know Things That Attract Pests Inside
Image by Denise Husted from Pixabay

You can also check the windows to see the condition of weather-stripping. If they are worn away, reseal them to prevent the access of rodents and bugs. You should also ensure that window screens are good in condition.

Debris In Gutters And Downspouts

Professional pest control services Sydney confirm that the debris in gutters and downspouts are a major breeding spot for mosquitoes and other pests. The moist environment of gutters also creates the ideal living condition for other pests, including ants and cockroaches.

When it rains, the gutters with debris can get clogged and make things even worse. Therefore, you should ensure that you clean the gutters and downspouts at regular intervals and repair them whenever there is damage or leak.

Standing Water And Open Food

Do you keep pet feeders and bird feeders opened for a long time? They can attract most pest species, including cockroaches, rodents, flies, fleas, possums, etc. This also applies to any food and water left open inside or around your property. Keep your cooked and raw food in sealed containers and properly dispose of any leftover.

Also, search for any standing water presence in and around your property, including an open fish tank, pool, water structures, and more. Close those water sources properly or treat them to avoid any pest infestation. Also, mop and clean areas where there is food spillage.

Do You Want To Make Your Property Pest Free? Know Things That Attract Pests Inside
Image by Erik Karits from Pixabay

Unwashed Bedding And Clothing

Unwashed bedding and clothing can attract pests like bed bugs, mites, ants, and spiders. Human body discharges saliva, sweat, mucus, and skill cells, and these pests prefer to feed these droppings from the human body. Especially dust mites and lice feed human skin – mostly dead skin cells dropped from the human body.

With proper cleaning and sanitation, you can control the infestation of these pests. Wash your dirty clothes on a regular basis and the bedding weekly. Also, sanitise your mattress once every two months. Additionally, you should clean and maintain your floors and walls regularly to minimise the dust mites and other pests in your environment.


Do you have houseplants at your property?  Are you aware of the threats due to plant-feeding insects? Pest insects like aphids do not only damage your houseplants but invite other pests including ants interior. Aphids produce honeydew, and that makes ants attracted towards these pest insects.

Do you pour excess water to your houseplants? This can make the soil moist to invite springtails into your property. As long as you prefer to make your property greener with houseplants, you should regularly watch out for the colour change of leaves and traces of infestation. You can use bug blasters and prune the plant parts that are infested by the pests.

You can also choose organic, non-toxic pesticides to kill these bugs and remove them to protect your plants and property.

Do You Want To Make Your Property Pest Free? Know Things That Attract Pests Inside
Image by LUM3N from Pixabay


Insects get attracted to light colours such as white and blue. Therefore, you try to avoid white lights, window sills, door frames, and other light colours in areas that are immediately visible from outdoor. Also, maintain your yard with regular grass cutting and trimming of trees and shrubs to limit pest breeding.

Ensure proper sanitation and maintenance of your property as it is the finest way to control pest in your environment. Your simple steps can make a lot of difference in pest management at your property.

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Do You Want To Make Your Property Pest Free? Know Things That Attract Pests Inside

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