Do You Have a Reptile Pet? Tips on Taking Care of Them.

Do you want a pet? But not the traditional ones. The traditional pets are the ones everyone has, like a dog or a cat. But some people want a bit of adventure and would prefer a pet reptile. Yes, you heard it right, and if you read this article, you must consider adopting a pet reptile. Right? You can get these as pets, whether a lizard, turtle, or snake. The important thing here is to know how to care for them correctly. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for all. So, here are a few tips or hacks to take care of your pet reptile to ensure their safety and health.

Perform research

Before you adopt a reptile to become its owner, it is smart to perform research. Reptiles are not like cats or dogs; they can be scary, and things can take a wrong turn if you don’t understand their needs. Moreover, every reptile is different, and so are its needs. Know what is special about them, understand their needs, and ensure you are willing to accommodate them to ensure their safety. If you are not, bringing a reptile home is futile. The research should include what they eat and how often you feed them. Also, know how to keep themselves and everyone around them safe.

Get the required license

You need a few licenses to keep a reptile as a pet in your home. Research this and secure the licenses from the relevant department in your region. There are many rules to follow when adopting a reptile as a pet. For instance, you can only keep a pet reptile bred in captivity in Australia. Capturing wild reptiles to keep as pets is illegal and punishable by law.

Respect the reptile

Reptiles, like you, are living creatures. If you are adopting them, don’t treat them as your property. Instead, respect them the same way you respect all creatures. It is better to start with a smaller reptile pet for someone not knowledgeable enough to handle large reptiles. Lastly, ensure you have a good relationship with a reputable herpetologist. He or she can help you care for the reptile in the best manner possible, and it will help you and the reptile stay safe.

Get them proper food and accessories

When you get a reptile pet, you need specific accessories, food, and other things for them. Unlike dogs or cats, a lizard, snake, or turtle cannot roam around your house. It is dangerous for them and any living creature. Therefore, they need a proper case. Similarly, their food is quite different, and not every store will sell it. You must research and find the best reptile supplies and accessories store for their food, enclosure, and more. Knowing about their nutrition needs will help them stay healthy. A few reptiles need mealworms, while others need fruits or veggies; knowing this will help you devise a plan to ensure you feed them fresh and nutritious food.

Heated enclosures

When you bring a reptile home, you need an enclosure with the right temperature. Reptiles are cold-blooded animals. So, heating their enclosure is necessary. The right temperature will depend on the type of reptile you get. There are multiple ways to heat their home, like using basking lamps, space heaters for their room, and more. Work with an expert to build them a house that is ideal for them.

Learn to touch the reptile the right way

You cannot just grab the reptile you have in any way. For instance, if you have a snake or lizard, never grab them by their tail. It will send them into defense mode, as they fear for their safety and can even attack you. You can grab them by supporting their body with their midsection. A vet and herpetologist can help you learn the best way to grab the reptile that does not alarm them.

Always have clean hands

Reptiles have a keen sense of smell. So, if you touch them after feeding them, clean your hands well. Otherwise, they will smell the traces of the prey on you and think you are a food source. It can go wrong. So, ensure you clean your hands well when touching them. It also ensures you do not bring bacteria into their living area.

In the end, remember that reptiles are not companion pets. Whether you bring a turtle or snake home, these reptiles need extra care. Otherwise, it will be dangerous for both you and the reptile. You must take care of everything from having a proper enclosure to feeding them the right food. So, use this guide to ensure your pet reptile and others are safe from it, too. 



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