Do Pay Greater Attention to XLM, CRO, and LOG

Almost 18,500 cryptos are in evidence in the virtual currency arena, according to the latest survey. However, not all of them are valuable. Again, not all of them are actively circulating. Amongst the ones that are highly active and productive, some are promising significant changes in the future. If you want to know more about cryptocurrency click here and find out useful information regarding cryptos.

However, do you have sufficient knowledge to identify the right ones?

You probably do not! Therefore, the following guidelines about potential money makers should help you make informed decisions.


The cryptocurrency is associated with the blockchain network, Stellar. The network is open-source, that is, public. It has been in evidence since 2014. Therefore, investors and businesses are well acquainted with it.

Another reason for its fame is its attempt to provide financial solutions for commercial ventures. The Stellar blockchain is a safe and secure gateway for important monetary transactions undertaken by the financial establishments connected with these ventures.

Some of these financial establishments are banks. A major attraction of Stellar (XLM) for banks is the potential to conduct important transactions speedily, at extremely inexpensive rates. Such transactions generally involve large amounts of cryptos/money.

True, Stellar (XLM) seems to prove more suitable for large transactions and large businesses. However, the blockchain and token are available for individuals and smaller businesses too. Even if you are merely a start-up or a developing agency, you are welcome to go for this cryptocurrency. It is bound to yield good profits in the future. At least, include it in the package consisting of several cryptos that you are planning to tackle this year!


This utility token was known as $CRO earlier. It belongs to the Chain and the Cronos EVM Chain. Today, the name is different. It is Cronos ($CRO/CRO).

The new identity is an indication of how the Cronos ecosystem has grown over the years. In fact, the growth has been explosive. In fact, the Crypto ecosystem has indicated its inclination to step into the next phase of technological advancement. Here, it means, offering users the chance to adopt and utilize Web3 technology.

The name also highlights the decentralized face of CRO. The native cryptocurrency of operates on an open-source blockchain. Cronos (CRO) has proved its validity and authenticity, often.

One indication has been its extreme transparency, as far as its origin and narrative are concerned. Another, is the organization’s official sponsoring of FIFA 2022, to be held in Qatar.

Users love to trade at discounted costs. They also have access to a cashback system, and staking interests. Investors are happy that the community is extremely serious about keeping trading prices low. Cronos (CRO) is all set to enhance its value in the coming years.


The brand-new coin, LOG, is linked to Logarithmic Finance. The most outstanding feature of Logarithmic Finance is its layer-3 switching protocol. Thanks to this protocol, investors and innovators/developers may bond smoothly and effortlessly, without much interference from users.

The network hopes to provide a different kind of blockchain, in the form of a cross-chain and multi chain ecosystem. In turn, this will enable the generating of finances across any kind of blockchain network. Examples of these networks are Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, etc. All operations will be decentralized.

The current token adopted by Logarithmic Finance (LOG) is an ERC-20 token. Users may swap digital currencies for NFTs easily. The platform hopes to come up with novel features in the future, for it desires to lure investors, businesses, developers, entrepreneurs, and artists.

To validate everything, the creators of LOG have invited a blockchain security business, Certik, to review everything carefully. Certik opts for artificial intelligence (AI) to safeguard and monitor the Logarithmic blockchain. Such an audit is not alien to Certik, for its basic function is to guard the cyber world.

How does Certik undertake the auditing process?

  • To begin with, the company hiring Certik displays all the smart contracts in place. It also outlines the particulars concerning their intended behaviors.
  • Next, Certik brings its BSC Security Oracle into play for conducting the mathematical method of formal verification.
  • Manual reviewing of the contracts is undertaken by experts, with knowledge about Facebook, Google, Oracle, and Microsoft.
  • Certik provides the final report. This report outlines the vulnerabilities and proposed solutions for them.
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