DMARC Analysis

To monitor your domain’s health and security you need to conduct a DMARC analysis from time to time, preferably on a daily basis. This is especially beneficial for organizations that have a steady email flow. DMARC analysis is an important practice for large enterprises as well as small businesses and startups who are freshly commencing their email authentication journey.

What is a DMARC analysis?

As you introduce DMARC into your existing security posture you need to track your email’s performance and compliance with the protocol to ensure your deliverability doesn’t get affected. Proper implementation can, with time, help you improve your reputation and credibility and increase the chances of your messages reaching your target audience.

We provide you with an array of effective tools that you can deploy to help you with your DMARC analysis. The results are accurate and most importantly, they won’t cost you a dime!  Let’s discuss what they are:

1.  SPF, DKIM, and DMARC validator tools

Checking your DNS records is the first step towards gaining compliance. If you have DMARC implemented for your domains, you naturally have either SPF or DKIM or both configured for those domains as well. Use our free DMARC record lookup tool to ensure that your record is valid and devoid of errors and redundant or incorrectly configured mechanisms.

While checking your SPF record a common error that you may come across is your record exceeding the 10 DNS lookup limit. While using our SPF checker tool, the prompt will highlight this error which can be resolved by flattening SPFto stay under the limit at all times.

2.  Getting your domain’s email security evaluated

Another way you can perform a DMARC analysis for your domain is to get your very own security rating with the help of our free PowerAnalyzer. When you enter your domain name and run a quick check on this tool it instantly generates a detailed DMARC analysis report for that domain. This report highlights:

  • The status of your DNS records, their validity, and existing errors
  • Tips on how to resolve security issues and better protect your domain
  • An overall domain security rating based on how well-protected your domain is against phishing, spoofing, and ransomware attacks

3.  Enabling Monitoring and Reporting for your domains

DMARC reports can help you actively monitor your emails for any problems in delivery and authentication. When you sign up for our free DMARC analyzer, you enjoy DMARC analysis at your fingertips without the hassle of redirecting your reports to your mailbox in the form of disorganized XML files.

Our user-friendly interface provides a customized dashboard for every user with actionable insights on your SPF and DKIM authentication results for every email that leaves your system. This helps you detect fraud faster and gain DMARC compliance on your messages.

Other benefits of a DMARC monitoring tool include the ability to transition smoothly to a more stringent authentication policy. This in turn protects your domain from social engineering attacks like phishing, spoofing, and BEC.

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