Diet Cola Addiction Day 3 Cold Turkey

Quit Coke Addiction, If Only “It” Was That Easy

So, you are back for more? Well, be my guest. I don’t mind. In fact, I like you here, because it might actually help you get rid of that nasty coke habit. I mean, Cola.

Don’t worry, I will not tease you anymore. It’s really getting serious from now on. Well, okay, maybe I’ll tease you a little, but that’s called tough love. Now let’s begin, druggie.

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Day #3

The headaches are now even worse or replaced by mild nausea. You might vomit a little, but not necessarily. But if you do, just make sure to clean your mouth with mouthwash before talking to anyone. That’s probably the most important thing in this entire journey.

By now you should visit a doctor so he can prescribe some painkillers. But don’t get addicted to them as well, druggie. Just kidding, you know I love you.

In addition, be sure to drink a lot of water, maybe some green tea. Sleep as much as you can, so it passes quickly.

However, the third day is kind of contradictory. Despite feeling like… you know what, you might actually also feel an intense sensation of euphoria. This is caused by quitting Cola, you feel good about yourself and proud as well. As you should be. You’ve taken a big step and shown a lot of character. Not everyone can achieve that. So be proud of yourself and don’t be ashamed to show it. It’s an amazing accomplishment!

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Now, this next side effect might be a little embarrassing, but it shouldn’t. Totally natural. You might get a bit constipated. But don’t worry, it will pass soon. Your body is exhausted, and you probably haven’t been eating much during the last few days. Therefore, your poo is tired just as much, let it rest for now. So, as I said, it’s totally normal.

All you need to do right now is to wait it out. The first three days are the worst. Just be patient a little longer, and tomorrow you’ll most likely already feel much better. Well, at least physically. Other troubles will be waiting in the next few days, but at least they won’t hurt. Well, your body won’t hurt, but there’s much more to humans than just bodies, right?

Now then, are you ready for the next level? Of course, you are, you’re a warrior. So, click here and continue your journey to a healthy life.

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