US Congress certifies Donald Trump’s Presidency

Democratic Huff and Puff  – US Congress certifies Donald Trump’s Presidency

 US Congress certifies Donald Trump’s PresidencyUS Congress certifies Donald Trump’s Presidency – Fortunately for democracy, Democrat Senators refused to support objections raised by House Democrats from 10 states. The House Democrats’ raised issues such as the wild conspiracy about Russian interference, to concerns around voter suppression.

Mr Biden due to lack of support from the relevant senator’s cut the objects short during the state by state announcements.

“There can be no debate,” Mr Biden said time after time.

Stipulated with US federal Law, upon one senator and one House member objecting vote from any state, the House and Senate will meet separately to discuss the virtues of the objection.

US Congress certifies Donald Trump’s Presidency – Ain’t No Stopping Trump Now!

 US Congress certifies Donald Trump’s PresidencyDemocrats have huffed and puffed since Trump won the election. However they have blown nothing but hot air, democratic will of the people was uphold within the US system of government Trump was a clear winner. Popular vote I hear you say? It’s not relevant, the US system which as many presidents before him was adhered to. Trump came, he saw and he conquered. Therefore the Democrats can huff and puss away, the President-elects house is built of stone and Trump’s not going anywhere soon.

Time has come for the US to put behind it differences, move away from left wing ideology and look after its people first. Trump a business man, father and born Jamaica Hospital Medical Center New York, makes him about American as you can get. Man of the people, for the people voted for by the people. Support a better America support Trump, Make America Great again.

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