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David Pilling, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best David Pilling quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find David Pilling’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer David Pilling made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favorites: 

About David Pilling

David Pilling is the Africa editor at the Financial Times. He was formerly Asia editor and Tokyo Bureau Chief for the Financial Times from January 2002 to August 2008. His columns cover business, investment, politics, and economics.

In 1990, he joined the FT. He has worked in London as an editor and Chile and Argentina as a correspondent covering the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Born: The United Kingdom
Twitter: RobeH2
Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy

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Popular Quotes

“Then again, I was never any good at plumbing the depths of a woman’s heart.”
― David Pilling, The Heretic

 “Does growth automatically follow basic improvements in health and education? “Never automatically. Never automatically,” he replied. Cuba was an example of a country that, because of what he called “stupid economics,” failed to translate its excellent social indicators into growth. “I lectured once at the ministry of health in Havana. I was invited there because I am neutral politically. And after my speech, the minister of education said, ‘This professor shows that Cubans are the healthiest of the poor.’ And everyone applauded,” Rosling said, chuckling quietly at the minister’s false logic. “On the way out, a very bright, brave young statistician whispered in my ear, ‘We are not the healthiest of the poor,’ he said. ‘We are just the poorest of the healthy.”
― David Pilling

“While his comrades got stuck in, Richie knelt beside Davey and turned him over. His cousin’s cheeks had a blueish tinge to them, his eyes were closed. Richie pressed his ear against Davey’s chest.
The heartbeat was strong enough. Alive, thank God. Unconscious, but alive. Richie took out his water bottle and upended it over Davey’s face.
“Your debt is paid, cousin of mine,” he said as a faint moan sounded in the other’s throat. “Now let us be friends again.”
― David Pilling, Reiver: The Sword’s Edge

 “… Blood pounded inside his skull.

The pounding became more distinct. A thundering and a racing of hoofs, rising like a storm over the hills to the north. The triumphant baying of the Saxon war-horns was echoed by others, more distant. These were higher, shriller, the prelude to the storm.

Cavalry bugles. Bedwyr’s lungs were full of smoke and blood, else he would have laughed.

The dragon had come at last.”
― David Pilling, Artorius

 “Leo’s smile widened into a toothy grin. “We shall see,” he said, “come. You have persuaded me into giving you a trial.” We should have turned and ran away then, and saved ourselves a world of pain and grief. But we were not to know the future, or that Felix’s fate-stones had lied to him.”
― David Pilling, Caesar’s Sword

 “For the first time in years, his heart raced, and the old excitement flickered inside him. The excitement of impending battle, clash of arms, danger and glory. Cei had almost forgotten it. To be alive, on the very cusp of death, was the greatest feeling of all.”
― David Pilling, Medraut

“He called for a remount, and changed horses while I gently swelled with pride. I had never craved officer rank, particularly, but it was something to be rewarded for my efforts, and to know I still basked in the general’s favor.”
― David Pilling, Flame of the West

 “Well, bugger me,” cried Jonas when he saw Richie with his bow, “is it Robin Hood or Adam Bell come to save us? Nay, it’s Richie O’the Bow, hero of ballad and song!”
― David Pilling, Reiver

“This arrogant, perfumed young noble, in his rustling silks and polished lamellar armor, knew nothing of the hardships of war.”
― David Pilling, Flame of the West

“Only in economics is endless expansion seen as a virtue. In biology it is called cancer.”
― David Pilling, The Growth Delusion: The Wealth and Well-Being of Nations

10 Famous Quotes by Author David Pilling

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One Final Bonus – David Pilling Quote 

“I led my portion of the rearguard across the open ground to the right of the prince’s battalion, and surged into the first company of Castilian reinforcements as they tried to arrange into a defensive line. They were well-equipped foot with steel helms and leather jacks, glaives and axes, but demoralized and unwilling to stand against a charge of heavy horse. I skewered a serjeant in the front rank with my lance and rode over him as the men behind him scattered, yelling in fear and hurling their banners away as they ran.
If all the Castilians had behaved in such a manner, we would have had an easy time of it, but now Enrique flung his household knights into the fray. It had started to rain heavily, sheets of water blown by strong winds across the battlefield, and a phalanx of Castilian lancers on destriers came plunging out of the murk, smashing into the front rank of my division. A lance shattered against my cuisse, almost knocking me from the saddle, but I kept my seat and slashed at the knight with my broadsword as he hurtled past, chopping an iron leaf from the chaplet encircling his basinet, but doing no other damage.
My men held together under the Castilian charge, and soon there was a fine swirling mêlée in progress. I was surrounded by visored helms and glittering blades, men yelling and horses screaming, and glimpsed my standard bearer ahead of me, shouting and fending off two Castilians with the butt of his lance. Another Englishman rode in to help him, throwing his arms around one of the Castilians and heaving him out of the saddle with sheer brute strength, and then a fresh wave of steel and horseflesh, thrown up by the violent, shifting eddies of battle, closed over them and shut off my view.
I couldn’t bear to lose my banner again, and charged into the mass of fighting men, clearing a path with the sword’s edge. A mace or similar hammered against my back-plate, sending bolts of agony shooting up my spine, and my foot slipped out of the stirrup as I leaned drunkenly in the saddle, black spots reeling before my eyes.”
― David Pilling, The Half-Hanged Man

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