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List of books by David Hewson


List of Books By David Hewson with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, David Hewson. Find my selection in date order of David Hewson books

David Hewson List of Books to Read

Nic Costa Books

A Season for the Dead       (2003)           

The Villa of Mysteries        (2004)           

The Sacred Cut        (2005)           

The Lizard’s Bite      (2006)           

The Seventh Sacrament    (2007)           

The Garden of Evil  (2008)           

Dante’s Numbers    (2008)           

The Blue Demon      (2010)           

The Fallen Angel      (2011)           

Juliet and Romeo    (2018)           

 Harold Middleton Books

The Chopin Manuscript     (2007)           

The Copper Bracelet          (2010)           

 Killing Books

The Killing     (2012)           

The Killing II  (2013)           

The Killing III (2014)           

 Pieter Vos Books

The House of Dolls  (2014)           

The Wrong Girl        (2015)           

Little Sister   (2016)           

Sleep Baby Sleep     (2017)           

 Standalone Novels

Shanghai Thunder  (1986)           

Semana Santa          (1996)           

Epiphany       (1996)           

Solstice          (1998)           

Native Rites  (2000)           

Lucifer’s Shadow     (2001)           

The Promised Land (2007)           

Carnival for the Dead         (2011)           

Macbeth       (2012)           

The Flood      (2013)           

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark          (2014)           

 Short Stories

Judith and the Holy Ferns (2011)           

Last Exit to Fuengirola       (2014)           

 Travels In Spain Non-Fiction Books

Granada and Eastern Andalucia  (1990)           

Mallorca        (1990)           

Seville and Western Andalusia    (1990)           

 Non-Fiction Books

Introduction to Desk Top Publishing      (1988)           

The Quark Xpress Companion     (1988)           

East Anglia: Travels and Short Breaks    (1990)           

Setting Up in Spain (1990)           

Wessex: Travels and Short Breaks          (1990)           

Saved: How an English Village Fought for Its Future… and Won    (2007)           

Writing a Novel with Scrivener    (2011)           

Writing: A User Manual    (2012)

List of books by David Hewson

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author David Hewson.


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