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List of books by David H. Fears

List of Books By David H. Fears with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, David H. Fears. Find my selection in date order of David H. Fears books

David H. Fears List of Books to Read

Mike Angel Mystery Books

Dark Quarry (2010)           

Dark Lake      (2010)           

Dark Blonde (2010)           

Dark Poison  (2010)           

Dark Idol       (2010)           

Dark Moon   (2011)           

Dark Fantasy            (2011)           

Dark Fantasy            (2012)           

Dark Conspiracy      (2012)           

Dark Red       (2014)           

Dark Eyes      (2014)           

Dark Union   (2014)           

Dark Drama  (2015)           

Dark Jaws      (2015)           

Dark House   (2015)           

Dark Tattoo  (2015)           

Dark Arson    (2016)           

Dark Sleep    (2016)           

Dark Oath     (2016)           

Dark Vigil       (2017)           

Dark Glory    (2017)           

Short Stories

Pretty Boy Floyd We Need You Now      (2011)           

Preted I Am Her, or Our Open Marriage           (2011)           

Sadeq’s Chess Sacrifice      (2011)           

The Stamp of Guilt (2011)           

The Mysterious ‘O’ Letters           (2011)           

General Delivery, Back From ‘Nam         (2011)           

My Brother’s Keeper          (2011)           

Thornton’s Apprentice      (2011)           

Why Can’t We Live in the Country?        (2012)           

Tree House   (2012)           

The Seduction of Quentin (2012)           

Treasure on Hope Mountain        (2012)           

Joanna’s Ghost (or, The Island     (2012)           

The Cruelest Game (2012)           

Ice Woman   (2012)           

Heaven From The Top of a Cherry Tree (2012)           

You Can’t Help What You Think   (2011)           

The Woman in 3A   (2012)           

Auditing The Class  (2012)           

Sand Rhymes           (2012)           

Revival, or The Lazarus Dog          (2012)           


The Hermit’s Last Wish and Other Stories        (2011)           

44 Collected Stories of David H Fears    (2011)           

The Immortal Ipetlatah and Other Stories        (2012)           

Drug Store Venus & 4 Other Erotic Tales          (2011)           

Non-Ficiton Books

Self-Edit Your Own Novel  (2014)

List of books by David H. Fears

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author David H. Fears.

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