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List of books by David Gerrold

List of Books By David Gerrold with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, David Gerrold. Find my selection in date order of David Gerrold books.

David Gerrold List of Books to Read

Yesterday’s Children Books

Yesterday’s Children           (1972)           

Voyage of the Star Wolf    (1990)           

The Middle of Nowhere    (1995)           

Blood and Fire         (2003)           

War Against the Chtorr Books

A Matter for Men   (1983)           

A Day for Damnation         (1984)           

A Rage for Revenge            (1989)           

A Season for Slaughter      (1992)           

Method for Madness         (2011)           

Trackers Books

Under the Eye of God        (1993)           

A Covenant of Justice         (1994)           

Dingillia Books

Jumping Off the Planet      (2000)           

Bouncing Off the Moon    (2001)           

Leaping to the Stars           (2002)           

Sea of Grass Books

Child of Earth           (2005)           

Child of Grass           (2009)           

Standalone Novels

The Flying Sorcerers           (1971)           

Space Skimmer        (1972)           

When Harlie Was One       (1972)           

The Man Who Folded Himself     (1973)           

Moonstar Odyssey (1977)           

Deathbeast   (1978)           

Chess with a Dragon          (1987)           

When Harlie Was One Release 2.0         (1988)           

The Martian Child   (2002)           

Afternoon With A Dead Bus         (2015)           

Jacob  (2015)           

thirteen fourteen fifteen o’clock (2015)           


With a Finger in My I         (1972)           

Alternate Gerrolds  (2004)           

The Involuntary Human     (2007)           

Fragments    (2013)           

Read My Shorts       (2013)           

Little Horrors           (2014)           

A Promise Of Stars  (2014)           

Entanglements And Terrors         (2015)           


Uncle Daddy Will Not Be Invited (2013)           

Short Stories/Novellas

In the Deadlands     (1972)           

In The Quake Zone (2011)           

The Kennedy Enterprise    (2011)           

The Strange Disappearance And Equally Strange Reappearance Of David Gerrold            (2011)           

Thirteen O’Clock      (2011)           

A Wish For Smish    (2011)           

Chester          (2011)           

Dancer In The Dark (2011)           

Franz Kafka, Superhero!   (2011)           

Ganny Knits A Spaceship   (2011)           

Nowhere Man         (2011)           

The Seminar From Hell      (2011)           

Two Meditations On King Kong   (2011)           

Crystallization          (2011)           

Turtledome  (2011)           

Digging in Gehenna            (2012)           

Riding Janis   (2012)           

The Case Of The Green Carnation           (2013)           

Night Train To Paris            (2014)           

fourteen o’clock      (2015)           

The Bag Lady            (2015)           

Finding Monstro     (2015)           

The Gathering          (2015)

List of books by David Gerrold

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author David Gerrold.

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