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List of Books By David Drake with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, David Drake. Find my selection in date order of David Drake books.

David Drake List of Books to Read

Time of Heroes Books

The Spark      (2017)           

The Storm     (2019)           

 Hammer’s Slammers Collections

Hammer’s Slammers          (1979)           

At Any Price  (1985)           

Counting the Cost   (1987)           

Rolling Hot    (1989)           

The Warrior  (1991)           

The Sharp End         (1993)           

Paying the Piper      (2002)           

The Complete Hammer’s Slammers, Vol. 1       (2005)           

The Complete Hammer’s Slammers, Vol. 2       (2006)           

The Complete Hammer’s Slammers, Vol. 3       (2007)           

 Hammerverse Books

The Forlorn Hope    (1984)           

Cross the Stars        (1984)           

The Voyage   (1994)           

 Tom Kelly Books

Skyripper       (1983)           

Fortress         (1987)           

 Ranks Of Bronze Books

Ranks of Bronze      (1986)           

 Heroes In Hell Books

Masters in Hell        (1987)           

Explorers in Hell      (1989)           

 World Of Crystal Walls Books

The Sea Hag (1988)           

 Starhunters Books

Men Hunting Things           (1988)           

Things Hunting Men           (1988)           

Bluebloods   (1990)           

 Thieves’ World Books

Dagger           (1988)           

 Crisis Of Empire Books

An Honorable Defense       (1988)           

Cluster Command   (1989)           

The War Machine   (1989)           

Crown of Empire     (1994)           

 Northworld Books

Northworld  (1990)           

Vengeance    (1991)           

Justice            (1992)           

 Seas Of Venus Books

Surface Action         (1990)           

The Jungle     (1991)           

 Raj Whitehall Books

The Forge      (1991)           

The Hammer            (1992)           

The Anvil       (1993)           

The Steel       (1993)           

The Sword    (1995)           

The Chosen   (1996)           

The Reformer           (1999)           

The Tyrant    (2002)           

The Heretic   (2013)           

 Car Warriors Books

The Square Deal      (1992)           

 War and Honor Books

Blood and War        (1993)           

 Reaches Books

Igniting the Reaches          (1994)           

Through the Breach           (1995)           

Fireships        (1996)           

 ARC Riders Books

ARC Riders    (1995)           

The Fourth Rome    (1996)           

 Lord Of The Isles Books

Lord of the Isles       (1997)           

Queen of Demons   (1998)           

Servant of the Dragon       (1999)           

Mistress of the Catacombs           (2001)           

Goddess of the Ice Realm (2003)           

Master of the Cauldron     (2004)           

 Belisarius Books

An Oblique Approach         (1998)           

In the Heart of Darkness   (1998)           

Destiny’s Shield       (1999)           

Fortune’s Stroke     (2000)           

The Tide of Victory (2001)           

The Dance of Time  (2006)           

 Lt. Leary Books

With the Lightnings            (1998)           

Lt. Leary, Commanding     (2000)           

The Far Side of the Stars   (2003)           

The Way to Glory    (2005)           

Some Golden Harbor         (2006)           

When the Tide Rises          (2008)           

In the Stormy Red Sky       (2009)           

What Distant Deeps           (2010)           

The Road of Danger           (2012)           

The Sea Without a Shore  (2014)           

Death’s Bright Day  (2016)           

Though Hell Should Bar the Way            (2018)           

 Crown Of The Isles Books

The Fortress of Glass         (2006)           

The Mirror of Worlds         (2007)           

The Gods Return     (2008)           

 Books Of The Elements Books

The Legions of Fire (2010)           

Out of the Waters  (2011)           

Monsters of the Earth       (2013)           

Air and Darkness     (2015)           

 Citizen Books

Into the Hinterlands           (2011)           

Into the Maelstrom            (2015)           

 Standalone Novels

The Dragon Lord     (1979)           

Birds of Prey (1984)           

Killer   (1985)           

Active Measures     (1985)           

Strangers and Lovers         (1985)           

Bridgehead   (1986)           

Lacey and His Friends        (1986)           

Kill Ratio        (1987)           

Vettius and His Friends      (1989)           

The Undesired Princess and the Enchanted Bunny    (1990)           

The Hunter Returns            (1991)           

Old Nathan   (1991)           

Starliner        (1992)           

Tyrannosaur (1994)           

Enemy of My Enemy          (1995)           

Patriots         (1996)           

Redliners       (1996)           

Other Times Than Peace   (2006)           

Voyage Across the Stars    (2012)           

Dinosaurs & A Dirigible      (2014)           

 Short Story Collections

Time Safari   (1982)           

From the Heart of Darkness         (1983)           

The Military Dimension     (1991)           

The Military Dimension Mark II   (1995)           

All the Way to the Gallows           (1996)           

The Warmasters     (2002)           

Grimmer Than Hell (2003)           

Mountain Magic     (2004)           

Balefires        (2007)           

Lest Darkness Fall and Related Stories  (2011)           

Night & Demons     (2012)           

Dinosaurs and a Dirigible  (2014)           

 Fleet Anthologies

The Fleet       (1988)           

Counterattack         (1988)           

Breakthrough          (1989)           

Sworn Allies  (1990)           

Total War      (1990)           

Crisis  (1991)           

 Battlestation Anthologies


Battlestation            (1992)           

The Vanguard          (1993)           


A Century of Horror, 1970-1979: The Greatest Stories of the Decade      (1987)           

Space Gladiators     (1989)           

A Separate Star: A Science Fiction Tribute to Rudyard Kipling        (1989)           

Heads to the Storm            (1989)           

Space Infantry         (1989)           

The Eternal City       (1989)           

Space Dreadnoughts          (1990)           

The Far Stars War   (1990)           

Armageddon            (1998)           

Foreign Legions       (2001)           

Dogs of War (2002)           

The World Turned Upside Down (2005)           

 Non-Fiction Books

Window of Opportunity: A Blueprint for the Future  (1987)

List of books by David Drake

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author David Drake.

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