David Davis Address to MPs after Supreme Court – Bill to be published within Days

David Davis Address to MPs after Supreme Court Ruling – New Bill to be published soon

The much anticipated Supreme Court ruling ended in disappointment for the Brexiteers. The 11 justices’ panel decided that that the Members of Parliament must have a vote on Article 50 before it is triggered by the Prime Ministers.

The implication of today’s ruling is that Theresa May will not start negotiation with the EU before approval from UK parliament. That places her in a strict timeline as No. 10 plans to trigger Article 50 by the end of March. Triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty will officially start the exit process.

In response to this, Brexit Secretary David Davis is currently delivering a statement to the MPs on government’s next plans. He says that an ultra-short Bill will be published within days.

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Rule out on Evel

Sylvia Hermon, an independent MP from Northern Ireland, asked David Davis to rule out on using Evel procedure. Her argument is that it is objectionable to given parts in the United Kingdom.

The Brexit Secretary replied saying that he couldn’t see any place where Evel would be applicable. However, he said that he cannot give an assurance of her request. That would be up to the Speaker to decide on the areas it may apply.

Evel means English votes for English laws

In addition, Davis said that the government will publish a comprehensive Bill. This is because the public will be keenly following the whole process.

He added that he would want to get done with the Commons as soon as possible as the bill gets scrutinized by parliament.

When asked by Labour’s Liz Kendall whether there will be a vote in the Commons after the trade negotiations, Davis dismissed.

The Secretary said that it will not work that way. The EU does not accept the agreement to be finalized unless all the parts have agreed. He added that there will be a vote at the end.

Bill to allow for Substantive Amendments

Labour’s Stephen Doughty asked what the state of the Bill will be. He sought to know whether it would allow for substantive amendments.

Davis replied saying that he has served in the Commons for 30 years.

If you (Doughty) know how to draft a bill in such a way as to exclude substantive amendments, he would like to hear about it,” said the Brexit secretary.

Earlier on he had been put to question as to why the government is opposed to publishing a white paper. In his reply, Davis said that the Brexit committee is determined to get a quick plan. He informed them that doing so would be a tough job. However, the Prime Minister can make a speech that quickly gets the world’s attention.

There will be no two weekends break between the first and second reading of the Bill, Davis insinuated.

(The speech is over)…

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