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List of books by David Archer

List of Books By David Archer with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, David Arche. Find my selection in date order of David Archer books.

David Archer List of Books to Read

Sam Prichard Books

The Grave Man        (2015)           

Death Sung Softly   (2015)           

Love and War          (2015)           

Framed          (2015)           

The Kill List   (2015)           

Drifter: Part One     (2015)           

Drifter: Part Two     (2015)           

Drifter: Part Three  (2016)           

The Last Song          (2016)           

Ghost (2016)           

Hidden Agenda        (2017)           

Aces and Eights       (2017)           

Fallback         (2017)           

Fact or Fiction         (2017)           

Close to Home         (2017)           

Brave New World   (2018)           

Innocent Conspiracy          (2018)           

Unfinished Business           (2018)           

Live Bait        (2018)           

Alter Ego       (2018)           

Killer Genius (2019)           

More Than It Seems           (2019)           

Frank & Ernest Files Books

Drive-By        (2015)           

In Deep          (2015)           

Mickey Finn  (2015)

Five Clowns Mystery Books

First Grin at Midnight        (2015)

Noah Wolf Books

Code Name: Camelot         (2016)           

Lone Wolf     (2016)           

In Sheep’s Clothing (2016)           

The Way of The Wolf         (2016)           

Hit for Hire    (2017)           

The Wolf’s Bite        (2017)           

Black Sheep  (2017)           

Balance of Power    (2017)           

Time to Hunt            (2017)           

Red Square   (2018)           

Highest Order          (2018)           

Edge of Anarchy      (2018)           

Unknown Evil           (2018)           

Black Harvest           (2018)

Cassie McGraw Books

What Lies Beneath (2017)           

Don’t Fight Fate      (2018)

Global Union Series (with Abraham Falls) Books

Justice Net    (2016)           

Shadow Cage           (2016)           

Nostrado       (2017)           

Standalone Novels

I Am Sal         (2016)           

You Are Precious     (2016)

List of books by David Archer

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author David Archer.

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