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List of books by Dave Duncan

List of Books By Dave Duncan with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Dave Duncan. Find my selection in date order of Dave Duncan books.

Dave Duncan List of Books to Read

 Seventh Sword Books

The Reluctant Swordsman           (1988)           

The Coming of Wisdom     (1988)           

The Destiny of the Sword  (1988)           

The Death of Nnanji           (2012)

 Man of His Word Books

Magic Casement     (1990)           

Faery Lands Forlorn           (1991)           

Perilous Seas            (1991)           

Emperor and Clown            (1992)

 Handful of Men Books

The Cutting Edge     (1992)           

Upland Outlaws      (1993)           

The Stricken Field   (1993)           

The Living Gold        (1994)

 Omar Books

The Reaver Road     (1992)           

The Hunter’s Haunt            (1995)

 Years of Longdirk Books

Demon Sword (as by Ken Hood)  (1995)           

Demon Rider (as by Ken Hood)    (1997)           

Demon Knight (as by Ken Hood) (1998)

 Great Game Books

Past Imperative       (1995)           

Present Tense          (1996)           

Future Indefinite     (1997)

 King’s Blades Books

The Gilded Chain     (1998)           

Lord of the Fire Lands        (1999)           

Sky of Swords          (2000)           

Paragon Lost            (2002)           

Impossible Odds      (2003)           

The Jaguary Knights           (2004)           

One Velvet Glove    (2017)

 King’s Daggers Books

Sir Stalwart   (1999)           

The Crooked House            (2000)           

Silvercloak    (2001)

 Dodec Books

Children of Chaos    (2006)           

Mother of Lies         (2006)

 Venice Trilogy Books

The Alchemist’s Apprentice          (2007)           

The Alchemist’s Code         (2008)           

The Alchemist’s Pursuit     (2009)


 Brothers Magnus Books

Speak to the Devil   (2010)           

When the Saints     (2011)

 Starfolk Books

King of Swords         (2013)           

Queen of Stars        (2014)

 Enchanter General Books

The Enchanter General      (2017)           

Trial by Treason       (2018)

 Standalone Novels

A Rose-Red City       (1987)           

Shadow         (1987)           

West of January      (1989)           

Strings           (1990)           

Hero! (1991)           

The Cursed   (1995)           

Daughter of Troy (as by Sarah B Franklin)        (1998)           

Ill Met in the Arena (2008)           

Pock’s World            (2010)           

Against the Light     (2012)           

Wildcatter    (2012)           

The Runner and the Kelpie           (2014)           

They Eye of Strife    (2015)           

The Adventures of Ivor      (2015)           

Irona 700      (2015)           

Eocene Station        (2016)           

Portal of a Thousand Worlds       (2017)

 Short Stories/Novellas

The Runner and the Wizard         (2013)           

The Runner and the Saint (2014)

List of books by Dave Duncan

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Dave Duncan.

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