Dating Apps: is this for Entertainment or an Opportunity to Start a Serious Relationship?

Every year, more people prefer to get acquainted on the Web. This is logical because online dating is convenient, fast, safe, and very effective. According to the Pew Research Center, more than 54% of Americans believe that online dating is successful when compared to offline dating. 22% of respondents agree that the result of online dating is extremely positive for them. However, at the same time, 26% report that they were dissatisfied with their experience.

Why do opinions differ so much? Can online dating really become a prerequisite for serious and promising relationships in the modern world? That is what we will discuss today. Nonetheless, each case is based on individual experience. The discussion may not apply to you in any way. However, it is worth reading the following information.

Online dating in the 21st century is not for entertainment anymore. But there is a nuance…

Today, about 17% of all marriages in the world happen through the use of dating sites and applications. It is not much at first glance. However, this figure is increasing every year, as well as the audience of dating services.

It is worth noting that the most active users of dating sites are people between the ages of 18 to 29 years old, as well as representatives of the LGBT community. In addition, the highest percentage of marriages after online dating is among LGBT representatives. This is about 21% of the total. The least of all participants in dating services are 50 years and above since these are far from the most active Internet users. This data is provided by the already mentioned Pew Research Center, which has been researching web dating and its prospects for the foreseeable future for several years.

Already, these data are enough to understand the importance of online dating for a modern person. We have not yet mentioned the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine restrictions, which aided the increase of audiences of many dating services by 2-3 times.

What is the nuance mentioned in the title?

Certainly, not all users of dating sites and applications consider this format as an opportunity to have a serious relationship. For many, this is nothing more than entertainment and a way to pass the time; this is the main problem because it can result in inconsistency of dating goals that can greatly spoil the impression of online dating in general.

About 10-15% of users of dating sites admit that they have registered on the app or site only out of curiosity and they do not have far-reaching plans. Some of them had to rethink their goals, but certainly not all. As a result, it turns out that some people do not know what they want making others waste their precious time on them.

Regardless, there are sites like Badoo, where each user indicates their goals during registration: “Communication,” “Friendship,” “Relationships,” etc. However, this does not solve the problem 100%. Some users are embarrassed to indicate that they dream of a relationship. Others choose “Relationships” to get more attention, but just need to connect with new people with no far-reaching plans. Therefore, completely trusting what you see in a user profile on a dating site or in an application is definitely not worth it.

How to understand that you have a chance to start a serious relationship with a person

Obviously, this is not as easy as it looks. Also, in live communication, it is difficult at times to determine whether a person likes you and whether they are ready to take the next step. This happens when communicating on the Web, especially via texting, it is almost unrealistic. Note: if you meet someone on the Internet, try to transfer communication to video chat as soon as possible, and later offline.

Video communication will give you a much more accurate understanding of what the interlocutor really wants, whether they are loyal to you or ready to meet in person and start a serious relationship in the future. During the pandemic, most popular dating sites introduced video chats into their applications or improved existing ones amid the rise in popularity of Zoom, Google Meet, etc. However, these features are only available to premium subscribers, which pushes away a significant part of the audience.

Luckily, you don’t have to use classic dating services at all. There is a good alternative — webcam chat. We are talking about sites and applications that connect random users via video and allow you to chat face-to-face on almost any topic. They are convenient, fast, and without a protracted stage of texting.

We can recommend several options if you are interested in this form of communication:

  • Omegle — is the first cam chat in history; it started the era of random cam chats. Omegle has a language filter and searches by interests, but there is no adequate gender filter. Additionally, it does not have mobile applications for more convenient communication. However, Omegle is still very popular.
  • Chatroulette — is another pioneer among camchats. The search settings are at a minimum, including the fact that the Chatroulette site suffered greatly from poor-quality moderation for a long time. After 2020, the situation improved remarkably, however, the site is far from its former glory.
  • CooMeet — is a great site for men who only want to chat with girls. All thanks to the exclusive gender filter, as well as the verification of girls’ profiles during registration. Also, there is an automatic message translator. Hence, you can comfortably communicate with people from all over the world. Convenient mobile applications for iOS and Android are available!
  • Chatrandom — is a random cam chat that, in addition to the classic functionality, it has themed chat rooms. You can simply choose the room you are interested in and start chatting with like-minded people. Additionally, for owners with premium accounts, a separate chat is available exclusively with girls.
  • OmeTV — is a simple and minimalistic webcam chat with a gender filter and a built-in message translator. This is a good choice if you don’t need a lot of features, but basic functionality. The gender filter is not as accurate as noticed in CooMeet, but its presence is already a big plus.

Cam chat is a good choice for those who value their time and want to expand their circle of acquaintances as much as possible. Here you do not need to register for so long, fill in dozens of fields with profile data, upload photos, answer questionnaires, etc. Just a few clicks and you are already communicating with a new person without wasting time. Cool!

What if one intends to use dating services for fun?

This is not a problem. Dating sites and live cam chats are perfect for passing the time, spending it in the company of interesting people, and chatting without any further plans. The only recommendation is that you should try to indicate your position to the interlocutor immediately so that they do not have false hopes. Other than that, there is no problem!

We hope that you have a lot of interesting and promising acquaintances ahead of you with a variety of people from all over the world. Modern online dating opens up tremendous opportunities for everybody. All you need to do is to try them out!

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