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The Northern Territory is a federal Australian territory in the centre and central northern regions.  This place is known for its dramatic landscapes, ancient heritage and diverse wildlife, the vast red desert, outback stations, hidden waterholes, rocky outcrops , plunging gorges, and pristine white beaches. This place is home to thousands of bird and wildlife species which are unique to the Australian continent. These species can be spotted at wildlife parks, and on wildlife tours and cruises.

If one gets charmed by the culture of a place, then the trip Northern Territory should definitely be on the wishlist. Northern Territory has the largest Aboriginal Population– the indigenous people of the country.

Fundamental to the Aboriginal culture and the heritage, is the concept of the Dreamtime, a blessed belief system that intertwines nature with religious ancestry. In Northern Territory, one will see the artworks and performances sharing these beliefs through the traditional rituals of storytelling, dance, music and painting. This is the place where one can get a hands-on experience of learning the traditional hunter-gatherer way of life.

If indigenous art and culture is the thing one thrives for, then Northern Territory is the perfect place which showcases the Darwin Aboriginal Art Festival.  Located at Darwin, on Larrakia Lands, at the Darwin Convention Centre, the Darwin Aboriginal Art Festival showcases the modern day fine art of more than fifty Australian Indigenous Art Centres. This fair, held in the month of August each year, complements the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, celebrating the culture and the life of the indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

This festival provides an opportunity for the tourists to experience the unique and spectacular artworks of the talented artists which are inspired by the vast deserted outlands of the land and the vivid colours of the coasts of Australia. These artworks, an outcome of the rich and the varied diversity of the Aboriginal community, are available for purchase to the tourists, allowing them to capture and take back their experience to their homes.

This festival showcases the work from not only the established artists, but also from the emerging ones and it gives a space to the attendees to meet and learn from the diversity of diverse cultural groups across the Australia. The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair boasts of the following events which are bound to mesmerize and provide a memorable experience to all those who attend

Event types:

  1. a) Art and Culture
  2. b) Community Event
  3. c) Classes, Lessons and Workshops
  4. d) Exhibitions and Show
  5. e) Festivals and Celebrations

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The Art Fair event was held in the year 2007, hosting 16 Aboriginal-owned incorporated Art Centres. It is the only event in Australia, gathering all Indigenous owned Art Centres together from across the Australia. It offers opportunities for Aboriginal Art Centres nationally, and now has a status as an internationally recognized arts event.


The mission of the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair event is to motivate the creation of Aboriginal arts and assist its endorsement in an ethical trade atmosphere. It is committed to providing professional growth opportunities to arts workers and artist,

Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, 2016:

Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair is scheduled to take place from 5th to 7th August in 2016 and this year too, the festival is expected to be phenomenal with art centres more than that of last year expected to participate.

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