Darbys Falls Observatory

The Darbys Falls Observatory is one of the most amusing spots of Australia. This observatory is located in the Darbys Falls. Darbys Falls is a small village. This village is located at a distance of 15 km east of Cowra in New South Wales. At the Darbys Falls Observatory, all the visitors will get to explore the universe with one of the largest telescopes available to the public. This place is therefore unique in its own self. Imagine exploring the universe in the dead of the night. You can take an amazing view of the moon, the stars, the galaxies and all other planets of the sky visible during the night.

The Largest Telescopes At The Darbys Falls Observatory :

The Darbys Falls Observatory is considered as one of the most fascinating destinations of New South Wales. The Observatory opens in the night when it is dark everywhere. You can actually get a view of the universe by the way of some of the largest telescopes ever. Newtonian, a 500 millimeter telescope is the largest telescope of this observatory. Other telescopes measuring 400 millimeter, 300 millimeter and 200 millimeter are also entertained by this observatory. The Darbys Falls Observatory also keeps instruments like F10 Schmidt-Cassegrain instruments, refractors as well as a flat screen planetarium for a better view of the universe.

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Explore the Fascinating Sky: –

At the Darbys Falls Observatory, the astronomers show you the mysteries of the night sky. You can easily take a view of the twinkling stars. The beautiful moon will enchant you in its lean indulgence. The galaxies, the stars will attract you to know about the stories behind them. The Nebulae will fascinate you. The Darbys Falls Observatory will surely get you indulged in the tale of the beautiful universe.

How To Reach At The Darbys Fall Observatory: –

In order to reach at the Darbys Fall Observatory, you need to follow the signs indicated from Cowra to Wyangala Dam. As you walk for about 22 kilometers along the road, you will find the observatory. The Darbys Fall Observatory opens by the way of appointment. You must therefore make the bookings in prior in order to enjoy the most beautiful site of the sky.

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