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List of books by Daniel Arenson           

List of Books By Daniel Arenson with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Daniel Arenson. Find my selection in date order of Daniel Arenson books.

Daniel Arenson List of Books to Read

Song of Dragons Books

Blood of Requiem   (2011)           

Tears of Requiem    (2011)           

Light of Requiem     (2011)

Misfit Heroes Books

Eye of the Wizard   (2011)           

Wand of the Witch (2012)

Dragonlore Books

A Dawn of Dragonfire        (2012)           

A Day of Dragon Blood      (2012)           

A Night of Dragon Wings  (2013)

Dragon War Books

A Legacy of Light     (2013)           

A Birthright of Blood          (2013)           

A Memory of Fire    (2013)


Moth Saga Books

Moth  (2013)           

Empires of Moth     (2013)           

Secrets of Moth      (2014)           

Daughter of Moth  (2014)           

Shadows of Moth   (2014)           

Legacy of Moth       (2014)

Dawn of Dragons Books

Requiem’s Song       (2014)           

Requiem’s Hope      (2014)           

Requiem’s Prayer    (2014)

Alien Hunters Books

Alien Hunters           (2014)           

Alien Sky        (2015)

Future Chronicles (with Blair Babylon, Annie Bellet, Peter Cawdron, WJ Davies, Patrice Fitzgerald, Hugh Howey, Autumn Kalquist, Moira Katson, B V Larson, Samuel Peralta, Will Swardst and Jennifer Foehner Wells) Books

The Alien Chronicles           (2015)

Requiem for Dragons Books

Dragons Lost            (2015)           

Dragons Reborn      (2015)           

Dragons Rising         (2015)

Flame of Requiem Books

Forged in Dragonfire          (2016)           

Crown of Dragonfire          (2016)           

Pillars of Dragonfire           (2016)

Earthrise Books

Earth Alone  (2016)           

Earth Lost     (2016)           

Earth Rising  (2016)           

Earth Fire      (2016)           

Earth Shadows        (2016)           

Earth Valor   (2017)           

Earth Reborn           (2017)           

Earth Honor (2017)           

Earth Eternal            (2017)           

Earth Machines       (2019)

Kingdom of Sand Books

Kings of Ruin            (2017)           

Crowns of Rust        (2017)           

Thrones of Ash        (2017)           

Temples of Dust      (2017)           

Halls of Shadow       (2017)           

Echoes of Light        (2017)

Children of Earthrise Books

The Heirs of Earth   (2017)           

A Memory of Earth (2017)           

An Echo of Earth     (2018)           

The War for Earth   (2018)           

The Song of Earth   (2018)           

The Legacy of Earth            (2018)

Requiem: Dragonfire Rain Books

Blood of Dragons    (2018)           

Rage of Dragons      (2019)           

Flight of Dragons    (2019)

Standalone Books

Firefly Island (2007)           

Flaming Dove           (2010)           

The Gods of Dream (2010)

Omnibus Books

Song of Dragons      (2012)           

Misfit Heroes           (2012)           

Dragonlore: The Complete Trilogy          (2013)           

The Dragon War: The Complete Trilogy (2013)           

Dragon’s Overture  (2014)           

The Moth Saga: Books 1-3           (2014)           

The Moth Saga: Books 4-6           (2014)           

Dawn of Dragons: The Complete Trilogy           (2014)           

Magic, Myth & Majesty    (2014)           

Gods & Dragons      (2014)           

Heroes           (2014)           

EPIC    (2014)           

Fierce (2015)

Collections Books

Kiss Me, Kill Me       (2011)

Novellas Books

Life     (2015)

Non-Fiction Books

The Word Weaver’s Grimoire      (2010)           

List of books by Daniel Arenson

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Daniel Arenson.


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