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Dana Marton, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best Dana Marton quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find Dana Marton’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer Dana Marton made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favourites: 

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“She wasn’t entirely sure if she was being rescued or kidnapped.”
― Dana Marton, Flash Fire

 “Okay,” she said, breathless. “But just be quick about it. Please.”
He looked up from her breasts to her face. “Stamina is usually considered a good thing in a man.”
She tried to catch her breath. “It’s… uncomfortable. I’m not good at this,” she confessed. “I don’t like to drag things out.:
His eyebrows slid up a fraction, his voice deepening to a silky smoothness. “Is that so?” And then ever so slowly, ever so carefully, he licked a lazy circle around her nipple.
A small moan escaped her throat, taking her by surprise and embarrassing her.
His lips twitched. Then he licked the nipple itself.
She moaned again, started by the pleasure.
Then he took her nipple into his mouth, sucked hard suddenly, and she felt moisture gather between her legs. When he moved to the other nipple while rubbing the first between his thumb and index fingers, she reached down to run her hands over his back and wide shoulders, over his hot, smooth skin, wanting to touch him as much as wanting to hold him in place.
He looked up. “For someone who’s not good at this, you’re amazingly responsive.”
― Dana Marton, Broslin Bride: Gone and Done it

“He stepped closer with an intense, thoughtful look on his face. “We shouldn’t do this.”
Her heart gave a hard thud.
“You probably can’t kiss.” Another step closer. “What does the doctor say?”
“We never kissed,” she deadpanned. “Dr. Pratt and I are not interested in each other that way.”
The sound of his deep laughter broke the tension between them. He moved a little closer still.
“Dr. Pratt says intimacy is all right, unless the other person is sick.” She couldn’t believe she just said that. Why not put a neon sign on her forehead? DESPERATE FOR SEX.
“This isn’t going to work.” He leaned his forehead against hers, the skin-to-skin contact jolting. “This isn’t the right time for either of us.” His hands slid up her arms. “I shouldn’t kiss you,” he said.
And then he did.
Holy heaven.”
― Dana Marton, Deathtrap

 “Bing tightened his fingers around hers….”I know what I want.”
She raised an eyebrow. “What is that?”
“Only you.” And as he said the words, he felt a tremendous weight lifting from his chest. “It’s always been only you…”
“All right.” She narrowed her eyes. “But if you break my heart, I’m going to have Peaches have words with you.”
“That’s threatening a police officer. Technically.”
“What are you going to do?” She flashed him a teasing smile. “Arrest me?”
He bent his head to hers, all the way to her ear. “Stick with me and there might just be some handcuffs in your future,” he whispered.
She laughed out loud. “I’ll take that as an incentive to speedily recover.”
― Dana Marton, Deathtrap

 “Do you know what the difference is between men and women when it comes to sex?” he asked when he could form thoughts again.
“What?” she inquired weakly.
“Women want romance, eye contact, tenderness, a true soul-to-soul collection, the earth to shake, sparks to fly.” He opened his eyes at last and looked at her beautiful, flushed face. “Men just want to last long enough not to embarrass themselves.”
― Dana Marton, Forced Disappearance

 “He gathered her against him tightly, chest to chest, hip to hip. She wouldn’t have minded staying there forever.
“I wanted to do this from the moment I saw you sleeping in my bed,” he murmured against her mouth.
“I just wanted to shoot you,” she said the first thing that popped into her dazed mind. ”
― Dana Marton, Deathwatch

“He glanced around, his eyes widening a little when he looked toward her bedroom.
She winced, but resisted the urge to jump and close the door. He was staring at the poster above her bed, an image of Annie Oakley with the quote “I ain’t afraid to love a man. I ain’t afraid to shoot him either.”
― Dana Marton, Deathwish

 “He kissed her dizzy, then lifted her. She wrapped her legs around his waisst as he kissed his way down her neck.
“Make love to me,” she whispered. “Like I’m a full-grown woman.”
He pulled back to look at her. “As opposed to…?”
― Dana Marton, Deathtrap

“Murph took his shot and dropped the bastard right out of the tree. then he stood. “I’m an American soldier, you son of a bitch.”
― Dana Marton, Deathwatch

“For some, their endless potential can be more frightening than their shortcomings,”
― Dana Marton, Reluctant Concubine

10 Famous Quotes by Author Dana Marton

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One Final Bonus – Dana Marton Quote 

“Bra already forgotten, he was working on her pants, and he kissed every inch he bared, from her waist to her knees, then to her ankles, then her toes, one by one. he laid a path of kisses down on leg, then up the other, then he placed a long, lingering kiss at her center, through her panties, She was already wet for him.
Not that he hurried. All the impatience he’d shown earlier seemed to have evaporated. Doris could have crocheted a pair of panties in the amount of time it took Hunter to remove Gabi’s.
She squirmed under him. “I thought they teach speed in the military.”
“When warranted. There are times that call for careful deliberation.”
“You’re going to deliberate me to death,” she warned, just as he finally parted her hot flesh, a move that immediately silenced her.
But he didn’t touch her further. He blew on her clit.
She nearly jackkifed off the couch. He pushed her knees up until her heels touched her butt, then he pushed her knees out until she was spread wide open just inches from his face.
And then he just looked.
Good grief. What was there to look at?
“Touch me!” she snapped when she couldn’t stand the suspense any longer. “Touch me, you torturous bastard. That’s an order.”
He laughed deeply and heartily. “And what are you going to do if I don’t?”
“I’ll arrest you.”
“I think that’s what they call an abuse of power.” His eyes glinted darkly. “But the idea of handcuffs does have considerable merit.”
― Dana Marton, Deathwish

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