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List of books by D.H. Lawrence

List of Books By D.H. Lawrence with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, D.H. Lawrence. Find my selection in date order of D.H. Lawrence.

D.H. Lawrence List of Books to Read

 Brangwen Family Books

The Rainbow            (1915)           

Women in Love       (1920)           

 Standalone Novels

The White Peacock (1911)           

Sons and Lovers      (1912)           

The Trespasser        (1912)           

The Lost Girl (1920)           

Aaron’s Rod  (1922)           

The Captain’s Doll   (1923)           

The Fox          (1923)           

Kangaroo      (1923)           

The Ladybird            (1923)           

The Boy in the Bush           (1924)           

St. Mawr       (1925)           

The Plumed Serpent           (1926)           

John Thomas and Lady Jane         (1927)           

Lady Chatterley’s Lover     (1928)           

The Virgin and the Gipsy   (1930)           

The Man Who Died aka The Escaped Cock       (1931)           

We Need One Another      (1933)           

Mr. Noon      (1984)           

You Touched Me     (1993)           

The Princess (1999)           

Paul Morel    (2003)


Love Poems  (1913)           

The Prussian Officer and Other Stories aka The Prussian Officer    (1914)           

Look! We Have Come Through    (1917)           

New Poems  (1918)           

England, My England         (1922)           

Birds, Beasts and Flowers (1923)           

The Woman Who Rode Away      (1928)           

Pansies          (1929)           

Love Among the Haystacks           (1930)           

Stories, Essays and Poems            (1932)           

Last Poems   (1933)           

The Lovely Lady       (1933)           

The Plays       (1933)           

Phoenix         (1936)           

Selected Poems       (1950)           

The Complete Short Stories         (1955)           

The Short Novels     (1956)           

The Complete Poems of D.H. Lawrence (1957)           

Selected Poetry and Prose            (1957)           

Love Amoung the Haystacks and Other Stories           (1960)           

Selected Tales          (1963)           

Complete Plays        (1965)           

Phoenix II      (1968)           

Poems Selected for Young People          (1968)           

A Modern Lover and Other Stories         (1969)           

Short Stories            (1969)           

Selection       (1970)           

The Fox and the Virgin And the Gypsy   (1971)           

Selected Poetry       (1972)           

Three Novellas         (1973)           

The Woman Who Rode Away and Other Stories        (1973)           

The Collected Short Stories          (1974)           

The Mortal Coil and Other Stories          (1975)           

Selected Works       (1976)           

The Complete Short Stories: 1     (1976)           

The Complete Short Stories: 3     (1977)           

The Portable D.H. Lawrence         (1980)           

Classic Collection    (1981)           

Selected Short Stories       (1982)           

Birds, Beasts and the the Third Thing    (1982)           

St Mawr and Other Stories           (1983)           

Three Plays   (1985)           

Selected Novels and Stories         (1985)           

St Mawr / The Man Who Died     (1987)           

The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd / The Daughter-in-law           (1988)           

The Complete Short Stories: 2     (1990)           

The Princess and Other Stories   (1990)           

The Mortal Coil        (1992)           

A Modern Lover      (1995)           

Poems            (1998)           

Snake and Other Poems    (1999)           

Little Novels of Sicily          (2000)           

The Widowing of Mrs.Holroyd and Other Plays          (2001)           

Full Score      (2002)


The Rocking Horse Winner           (1993)           

Daughters of the Vicar      (2004)


The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd     (1914)           

Touch and Go          (1920)           

David  (1926)           

Mornings in Mexico           (1927)           

The Fight for Barbara         (1933)           

A Collier’s Friday Night      (1934)

 Non-Fiction Books


Twilight in Italy        (1916)           

Movements in European History (1921)           

Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious and Fantasia of the Unconscious    (1921)           

Sea and Sardinia     (1921)           

Fantasia of the Unconscious        (1922)           

Studies in Classic American Literature   (1923)           

Apocalypse   (1931)           

Etruscan Places       (1932)           

The Letters of D.H. Lawrence       (1932)           

Sketches of Etruscan Places         (1932)           

Selected Essays       (1950)           

Sex, Literature and Censorship    (1953)           

Selected Literary Criticism            (1955)           

Mornings in Mexico, and, Etruscan Places       (1956)           

Fantasia of the Unconscious and Psychoanalysis And the Unconscious   (1961)           

The Collected Letters of D H Lawrence  (1962)           

A propos of ‘Lady Chatterley’s lover,’ and other essays         (1962)           

The Symbollic Meaning     (1962)           

Lawrence in love: Letters to Louie Burrows     (1968)           

The Centaur Letters           (1970)           

Quest for Rananim: Letters to SS Koteliansky, 1914-30       (1970)           

Study of Thomas Hardy     (1973)           

D.H. Lawrence on Education        (1973)           

Selected Letters      (1976)           

The Letters of D.H.Lawrence: June 1913-October 1916 Vol 2         (1982)           

The Letters of D.H.Lawrence: October 1916-June 1921 v. 3            (1984)           

Study of Thomas Hardy and Other Essays        (1985)           

Reflections on the Death of a Porcupine and Other Essays  (1988)           

Apocalypse: and the Writings on Revelation   (1995)           

The Sayings of D.H. Lawrence      (1995)           

Selected Critical Writings  (1998)           

Pornography and So on     (2001)           

The Letters of D.H.Lawrence: November 1928-February 1930 Vol 7        (2002)           

The Letters of D.H.Lawrence: September 1901-May 1913 Vol 1    (2002)           

Sketches of Etruscan Places and Other Italian Essays            (2002)           

The Letters of D.H.Lawrence: March 1927-November 1928 Vol 6)           (2002)           

The Letters of D.H.Lawrence: Previously Unpublished Letters and General Index Vol 8 (Cambridge Edition of the Letters of D.H. Lawrence)  (2002)           

The Letters of D.H.Lawrence: March 1924-March 1927 Vol 5        (2003)           

Late Essays and Articles    (2004)

List of books by D.H. Lawrence

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author D.H. Lawrence.


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