9 Signs You Need Custom Orthotics

If you have been experiencing pain in your feet, knees, or lower back consistently, maybe it’s time to invest in custom orthotics. You can easily find custom orthotics in Brisbane and surrounding areas due to the excellent podiatrists and clinics in the vicinity.

Of course, it is important to get some know-how on what custom orthotics are before you can invest in them:

What Are Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are medical devices that are designed especially for a specific person’s feet. These devices are inserted in the person’s shoe to help them improve their posture or walk long distances without hurting their feet.

Custom orthotics may act as shock absorbers since they absorb the feet’ stress and allow the feet to function efficiently.

Some people even use these orthotics as prevention when they know they will be walking or running a lot to prevent their feet from becoming deformed and start hurting.

 You must visit a podiatrist for custom orthotics

Are They Different From In-Store Inserts?

You can commonly buy shoe inserts at any pharmacy or store, and they are meant to perform similar functions to custom orthotics.

However, the difference between the two lies in how shoe inserts come in predetermined sizes and are not the perfect fit for everybody. However, custom orthotics are specially designed to fit each individual’s feel perfectly, giving the optimal protection and functionality that one can ask for.

It would help if you also went to a podiatrist or foot specialist to get custom orthotics, whereas you can buy shoe inserts anywhere on your own. A foot specialist will know better what you require from the device, too, so they will curate it to fit your needs.

Signs you May Need Custom Orthotics:

Do you think you may need custom orthotics? Read through the following and see if any of these conditions resonate with you. If these problems seem familiar, it may be time for you to get custom orthotics:

Foot Pain

If performing everyday activities such as walking or standing seems too painful for you, it may be time for you to get orthotics. Visit a podiatrist near you, and ask them to evaluate the cause of your pain.

Problems such as plantar fasciitis, which causes a sharp pain in the foot, especially when you walk, are among the most common reasons for foot pain.

They may offer you alternative methods or treatment and custom orthotics to relieve you of the pain completely.

The orthotics will help absorb the pressure on the foot, making it easier for you to walk comfortably.

Ill-Fitting and Worn Out Shoes

If your shoes are wearing away unevenly on the inside, it may be a sign of pronation (inward rolling) or supination (outward rolling). Uneven wear of your shoe can easily cause your posture or feet to become compromised. You might need to visit a podiatrist and get custom inserts for your shoes to correct these issues.


Bunions are bony bumps on the side of the big toe of your feet, and they occur when people have been wearing narrow footwear for extended time periods. Custom orthotics can help realign the toes and relieve the pain, which will ultimately help in the healing of the bunion.

You Have To Walk/Run/Stand A Lot

If you have a job where you have to stand or walk a lot or enjoy running and hiking, it may be time for you to get custom orthotics. You can get them to prevent any chronic pain from developing or your posture from being compromised. You can, in fact, stand or walk a lot longer with the help of orthotics, which will make your work that much more efficient.


Some people have poor posture or a condition known as flat foot. Flat foot is a condition when the foot has no arch and therefore lies flat on the ground. While posture and flat feet usually have no effect on the foot, people might experience pain and discomfort in some cases. This is especially true when people exercise for long periods with a flat foot.

You will need custom orthotic inserts for your shoes to correct this situation. They will help improve your posture and give your foot the curvature it needs for maximum support.

Diabetic Foot

Doctors recommend custom orthotics to most diabetic patients to prevent any mishaps and unprecedented events. Orthotics are used as a prevention measure for diabetics to ensure they can continue to function without fearing their feet developing certain conditions.

Lower Back Pain

Many people may experience sharp lower back pain when they have been on their feet for a long time. This pain worsens if the routine is repeated regularly.

To relieve this pain, people need to visit a podiatrist and get custom orthotics. The orthotics will help take up all the pressure from the walking, preventing any of it from being absorbed by the lower back. Slowly the pain will begin to relieve, and you will be able to walk much longer without any lower back pain.


When recovering from certain injuries to the feet, knees, ankles, or any part of the lower limb, custom orthotics may help you get back on your feet. The orthotics can help improve your alignment and posture while preventing your feet from absorbing all the pressure from the ground. The use of orthotics can help restore full functionality to injured feet faster.


People with tendonitis can greatly benefit from orthotics since the inserts will help support people’s feet when they move around. Orthotics help in the efficient healing of these conditions.

Where Can You Get Custom Orthotics?

It would help if you got your custom orthotics from any podiatrist’s clinic near you. The specialist will first examine your foot and investigate your condition to see what is causing it. They may help relieve the issue altogether while also giving you custom orthotics to support your feet. If you think you need custom orthotics, you should visit the nearest podiatrist today!

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